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MEMT X9s Full Metal EarphoneFeature:All-metal shellsGood build quality with Magnets!Mobile Games & Theater exclusive EarphonesRed copper material, powerful bass, magnetic designProfessional wire, volume control, customized silicon MIC..
Ex Tax:1,650৳
MEMT X5s Stereo EarphonesFeature:Using Nano-type diaphragm driver and Imported enameled wire voice coil.TPE high elastic striped wireLow frequency is strong and powerful. Vivid sound. Especially suitable for popular, rock and roll.45 ° ergonomic design. To improve the comfortable wearing and effective block noise. Top noise reduction, recording sound level (recording effect comparable to the professional-grade microphone)Imported electret condenser microphone. High degree vocal reproduction, high Sensitivity, Sound recording is loud. K song must have it. Compatible with a mobile phone, computer. K song software button design, can answer/hang up, pause and switch songs.Small body & Surround stereo sound & Biological composite membrane & High sensitivity control cableSelf-created audio separation technology & Perfect sound qualityWearing comfortably with half-ear & all-metal, front and back cavity, and appearance patent: 201630322663.55.5 mm Nano-type driverSimple design with ultra-high quality, makes you experience the extraordinary fun of music...
Ex Tax:1,090৳
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