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Staying connected while driving has never been simpler with a trustworthy vehicle holder. Your smartphone may be safely mounted in your car so you can easily access navigation applications, conduct hands-free calls, and stream music while driving through cities or across the country. Car holders reduce distractions and improve safety by keeping your smartphone close to hand and at eye level. Customize your configuration to fit your preferences and vehicle with a variety of mounting choices and customizable features. With the ease of a trustworthy vehicle holder, you can stay secure, stay connected, and enjoy continuous connectivity.

Comparison Of Popular Car Holder Brands

Explore the features and prices of Car Holders from leading brands like Baseus, Joyroom, Rock, and Ugreen to make an informed decision.

Types of Car Holder

Gravity phone holders rely on gravity to firmly grab your smartphone, offering hassle-free installation. The adaptability of adjustable phone holders lets you adjust the position for the best viewing angles. Because of its versatility, rotating holders make it simple to switch between landscape and portrait position. Strong magnets are used in magnetic holders to secure your phone in place, making them convenient and simple to use while traveling.

Gravity phone holder

A gravity phone holder is a kind of automobile mount that uses your phone's weight to hold it firmly in position. Usually, this holder has a retractable arm or clamp mechanism that changes its length or width to suit the weight and dimensions of your device. The arms of the holder tighten around your phone when it is inserted, giving it a tight and secure fit. This is caused by the weight of the phone. Gravity phone holders provide a hands-free way to keep your phone close to reach while driving. They are lightweight and simple to operate.

Adjustable phone holder

Smartphones of different shapes and sizes can fit into an adjustable phone holder. To firmly keep your gadget in place, these holders usually have expandable or retractable arms, grips, or clamps. You can tailor the fit to your particular phone thanks to the flexibility, which guarantees a tight and solid grasp. For drivers who often move between multiple devices, an adjustable phone holder is a great option since it offers simplicity and adaptability, regardless of the size of your phone—from small and compact to huge and phablet.

Rotating Holder

A rotating holder is a type of automobile mount that allows you to easily rotate your smartphone to fit your preferred viewing angle. Usually, these holders have a rotating or swivel mechanism that lets you turn your gadget both vertically and horizontally. You can quickly and simply change the phone's position for best visibility with a rotating holder, whether you choose to use it in portrait mode for hands-free calling or landscape mode for navigation. Because to its adaptability, you may easily watch your screen without endangering your safety while driving.

Magnetic Holder

Strong magnets are used in a magnetic holder to firmly fasten your smartphone to the mount. Usually, these holders are made out of a magnetic plate that you can either slide inside your phone cover or connect to the back of your phone. A strong and steady connection is made between the mount's powerful magnet and the magnetic plate, which holds your device firmly in place. Magnetic phone holders are useful for drivers who regularly need to remove their device or swap between various vehicles since they provide a simple and quick way to mount and unmount your phone.

Buying Guidelines:

  • STABILITY AND ADJUSTABILITY: Look for phone holders that provide a stable grip for your device, preventing it from falling off during bumpy rides. Additionally, choose holders with adjustable arms or rotating mounts to achieve the perfect viewing angle.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Ensure the phone holder is compatible with your phone’s size and model. Some holders are designed for specific phone sizes, while others are adjustable to fit various devices.
  • EASY INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL: Opt for holders that are easy to install and remove, allowing you to transfer them between vehicles or adjust their placement effortlessly.
  • DURABILITY AND MATERIAL: Consider holders made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand prolonged use and changing weather conditions. Look for rubberised grips to prevent scratches on the car window or your phone.

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Q: Are Car Holders legal in Bangladesh?

A: Yes, using a Car Holder for your phone is legal in Bangladesh as long as it does not obstruct your view while driving.

Q: Can I use a Car Holder for any type of phone?

A: Most Car Holders are designed to accommodate a wide range of smartphone models, but it's essential to check the compatibility before purchasing.

Q: How do I install a Car Holder in my vehicle?

A: Installation instructions may vary depending on the type and model of the Car Holder. Generally, it involves attaching the mount to a suitable surface in your vehicle and adjusting it to the desired position.

Q: Can I use a Car Holder for other devices besides phones?

A: Some Car Holders may be compatible with other devices such as GPS units or small tablets. Check the product specifications for more information.

Q: What should I do if my Car Holder becomes loose over time?

A: If your Car Holder starts to lose its grip or stability, try tightening any adjustable components or cleaning the mounting surface. If the issue persists, consider replacing the holder with a new one.

Ugreen Phone Holder with Suction Cup BLACK 60196Holds without Vibration: Ugreen Phone Holder with Suction Cup BLACK 60196 washable suction cup sticks securely on your dashboard even on bumpy roads and is easily removable without leaving any mark on your dashboard; with silicon cushions on the clips the holder is able to grip your phone tighter which is safe for driving.Simple Operation: One-hand operation to place your phone securely against the holder. Simply press the release button and the holder arms will open automatically; press the button behind the holder to adjust the lower arm for better grip of your phone.Super strong suction cup ensure holds the phone firmly on the dashboardSuitable for width 4.6-7 inch devices, give some data for your interface, such as iPhone 6/7 is 4.7inch, iPhone 6 plus/7plus is 5.5inch, Huawei mate9/mate 10 is 5.9inch, Huawei P20 is 5.8inch. Huawei P20 Pro is 6.1inch, Huawei Nova 3i is 6.3 inch, Xiaomi max is 6.44inch, Sanmsung Note 8 is 6.3 inch, S9 +is 6.2 inch...
Ex Tax:1,550৳
Ugreen LP200 Car Mount Gravity Phone HolderSuitable for: Phone with 4.7-6.5 Inch ScreenRotatable pivot structure allows multi-angle adjustableThe telescopic arm can be adjusted and provides you a Max 240-degree arcExtendable Arm: Telescopic arm extends from 5.43 inches to 7.52 inchMaterial: (PC ABS) + Aluminum alloyDimensions: L176.9xW68.2xH104.3 (mm)FeaturesType: Phone HolderPart No: 60990Use For: Phone HolderMaterial: PC + ABSWeight (gm): 100 gmFeature: Can rotate 360 degrees according to need.Others: Phones Compatible: 4.6 to 6.5 InchesColor: Black (As given picture)...
Ex Tax:1,450৳
ROCK SPACE RAM0009 Retractable Rotating Mechanical Car HolderThe viewing distance can be scaled arbitrarilyCan rotate 360 degreesUse the golden triangle fixing principle to lock the phone firmlyThick non-slip silicone pad design on all sides, no damage to the phoneMechanical structure, stable, no noiseMechanical opening and closing, can be accessed with one handSuction cup type, stable adsorption without leaving marksReserve a charging port, making it more convenient to charge mobile phonesIt can be installed on the front glass, the air outlet, and the center console lamp in various positions..
Ex Tax:1,290৳
Rock Multi-function 360° Rotation Car MountMechanical Structure, No Noise ( Upgraded mechanical structure lowers noise )360° Rotation, Support Horizontal and Vertical Screens ( There is always a proper angle for you with the 360° adjustment on the vertical surface and 90° adjustment on the upward surface)Retractable Design, Free Adjustment ( The overall length can reach 22cm after a stretch for easier driving and convenient operation )Stretchable Holder Base ( The holder base can be extended to 20mm to match various phones )Wide-mouth Silicone Clip, No Damage to the carLasting Adhesive Silicone Suction Cup ( The moveable silica gel at the bottom, traceless and stable, can be used as new after being washed and dried )Available for Use Anywhere ( Suitable for various angles and scenes, no sight block )..
Ex Tax:1,390৳
Joyroom JR-OK3 Adjustable Length Car Phone HolderAnti-rolling and anti-broken. Very durable to useLip-stick size,Easy to carry for men and womenSmart LED display of remaining power. Build-in flashlight for low light useOur patented products are approved CE,RoHS,FCC certificatedDesigned to provide power for your phone and micro-USB charged phonesYour company logo can be branded free of charge by laser carvingPacked in color box,your best corporate promotional itemProtect Function: Short Circuit, Over-current, Over-charging, Over-discharging..
Ex Tax:1,150৳
Joyroom JR-OK2 Mobile Phone Car Mount HolderWidely applicable to various mobile phone modelsArm clips are adjustable for 4-6.7-inch models with unlimited useDesign the universal rotating ball and adjust the angle at any time to meet various viewing anglesSuper strong adsorption, safe for placing everywhereStrong adsorption, no blocking of sight, safe and attentive drivingAfter pressing the PUSH button back and forth, the suction cup can be pulled out and the direction can be changed..
Ex Tax:1,250৳
Baseus SUYL-TK01 Tank Gravity Car Mount HolderBaseus SUYL-TK01 Tank Gravity Car Mount Holder is available in Bangladesh From It Source BD. Get the original products at the most affordable price only at It Source BD and enjoy the quality with the promise of the best customer service in Bangladesh From It Source BD.Features:Gravity linkage, pick and place by one hand, use more easily when drivingU-shaped base and U-shaped arms to form stable triangle structurePlace it anywhere as you like, such as windshield, center console, left side of the seat, etc360° rotating ball, adjusts freely to any angleA reserved gap on the bottom for easy chargingUniversally compatible with 4.7-6.5 inch mobile phones.Baseus SUYL-TK01 Tank Gravity Car Mount Holder Review:..
Ex Tax:1,299৳
Baseus SUYL-JY01 Simplicity Gravity Car Mount HolderPaste arbitrarily, do not block the air outlet in summerCan be pasted on the dashboard at will, does not affect the air conditioning, does not block the line of sight of the carRemovable glue, strong suction, long-lasting stickiness, upgraded pressure valve, one press, double reinforcementWith the help of the mobile phone’s own gravity, the clamp arm is driven to automatically shrink and clamp, and it is operated with one hand for stable clampingPiano mirror back + dazzling aperture, beautiful and quality, smooth and scratch-resistant, exclusive high-end qualityStrictly selected aluminum alloy material, anodized matte process, delicate luster and texture, more durable without fear of exposureNew push-type ladder adjustment, 7 gears, stable and jammed, 180° wide viewing angle, meeting the needs of different center console positionsExtended telescopic arm, free adjustment of distance and distance, can bend and stretch, can be operated with one handUniversal ball joint connection, 360° rotation, can be rotated at will to adjust the appropriate viewing angleRemovable glue, can be recycled after washingThe mobile phone is evenly stressed, and the protection of the phone is more non-slipDoes not affect the use of phone volume keys and power keysUpgrade the thickened arm, the phone can still be used normally with the caseThe clamp arm can be flexibly adjusted, supports Apple/Android phones, and is not limited in useBaseus SUYL-JY01 Simplicity Gravity Car Mount Holder Review:..
Ex Tax:1,275৳
Baseus Simplism Gravity Car Mount Holder with Suction BasSuitable for4.7-6.5 Inch PhonesThe clamping arm can be adjusted flexibly suitable for Apple/Android phonesThe extended telescopic arms can be adjusted freely with one handStep-by-step Adjustment Stable and Anti-fallingPress to adjust viewing angle step by step with 7 levels and 180° in total for different installation locations on the center consoleAnodizing process makes selected aluminum alloy material with fine lustre and texture, more durable and dare to expose to the sunHigh-gloss Mirror Pretty and StylishPiano mirror back plate and colorful ring light beautiful and high-quality smooth and scratch-resistantGravity Linkage Automatic LockingWith the help of the gravity of phones, clamping arms automatically retract and lockOne-hand operation, stable clampingGravity Linkage Automatic LockingWith the help of the gravity of phones, clamping arms automatically retract and lockOne-hand operation, stable clampingDouble Reinforcement as Firm as a RockImported removable adhesives, strong suction force, lasting viscosityUpgraded pressure valves, press to fix firmly double reinforcementStick it Anywhere Without Blocking the Air Outlet in SummerIt can stick on the dashboard, which neither affects the air conditioner blowing air nor blocks the viewMaterial: Aluminum alloy + Acrylic + ABSProcess: Oxidation + Vacuum PlatingBaseus Simplism Gravity Car Mount Holder with Suction Base Review:..
Ex Tax:1,490৳
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Best Car Holder Price List in Bangladesh 2024

Car Holder Price in Bangladesh updated on 19-05-2024 from 1,150৳ and depending on brand and specification the price may go up to 1,550৳. Your destination for budget-friendly, high-quality Car Holder in Bangladesh in 2024. Discover our selection of top-notch items at unbeatable prices, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Buy the Latest original Car Holder from IT SOURCE Car Holder shop in Bangladesh. Browse below and Order yours now!

Product NamePrice
Baseus Simplism Gravity Car Mount Holder with Suction Base1,490৳
Baseus SUYL-TK01 Tank Gravity Car Mount Holder1,299৳
Baseus SUYL-JY01 Simplicity Gravity Car Mount Holder1,275৳
Joyroom JR-OK3 Adjustable Length Car Phone Holder1,150৳
Joyroom JR-OK2 Suction Cup Bracket Mobile Phone Car Mount Holder1,250৳
Rock Multi-function 360° Rotation Car Mount (Mechanical Version)1,390৳
ROCK SPACE RAM0009 Retractable Rotating Mechanical Car Holder1,290৳