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  • Handheld And Hands-Free Modes
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  • Omnidirectional Scanning
  • Supports All Common Interfaces
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General Information
ColorCash Register White or Twilight Black
Weight 5.29 oz/150 gm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 6 in. H x 2.5 in. W x 3.34 in. D
Others Info
OthersDROP TOLERANCE : Unit functions normally after repeated 5 ft./1.5 m drops to concrete
Warranty Information
Warranty01 Years

Zebra Symbol DS9208 Barcode Scanner

The LS2208 is Zebra’s entry into the mid-level retail class. A laser-based scanner; it comes equipped with cabling and auto-sense stand. Please note, while we are calling this scanner the Zebra LS2208, we are also referring to the Symbol LS2208 as Zebra acquired Motorola, the parent company of Symbol Solutions.

Typical uses and environments:

The Zebra LS2208 features an aggressive laser-based scanner. Though there is a stigma that laser-based scanners aren’t as durable as their CCD counterparts, Zebra has gone to great lengths to eliminate this discrepancy. The LS2208’s durability and aggressive scan engine make it ideal for medium to high volume scanning environments, such as retail, industrial, and health care.

Standard Features & Advantages:

The LS2208 comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box. Though the interface cable is not attached, no additional configuration is required to send the barcode data to the system. If further configuration is required, the LS2208 comes with a quick start guide to change some basic functionality of the unit. A full configuration guide as well as scanner configuration software are available both at and

Rubberized edges around the beam hood, boot, and head unit of the scanner prevent the LS2208 from being damaged by products or damaging the products. It also acts as a shock dampener, absorbing the damage that could occur if it were to fall off a counter or ladder.

Unique Advantages:

While most scanners come with just the interface cable, most of the the Zebra LS2208 options also ship with the goose-neck auto-sense stand. This allows the scanner to be set up in retail environments as a hands-free scanner with no additional purchases. The LS2208 utilizes a magnetic switch in the handle to activate auto-sense mode, meaning it can switch between handheld and hands free mode with no configuration.

  1. Zebra SYMBOL LS2208 Features:
  2. More decode feedback options
  3. All day comfort your workers can count on
  4. Flexible handheld or hands-free operation
  5. Multiple interfaces
  6. Truly plug-and-play
  7. Advanced Data Formatting (ADF)
  8. Durable construction

Capture high-density bar codes for greater application flexibility

  1. Deploy in every corner of the world
  2. Ideal For These Applications:
  3. Point of Sale (PoS)
  4. In-store inventory tracking
  5. 1D loyalty card processing
  6. 1D paper coupon redemption
  7. Library book checkout
  8. Inventory and asset tracking


The only drawback we’ve encountered when using the LS2208 is that, like all Zebra scanners, a carriage return is not sent at the end of a scan by default. This can easily be remedied with the included quick start guide, but it does create one extra step to get the scanner fully ready to implement.

Performance Testing:

In testing the performance of the Zebra LS2208, we ran it through a battery of tests, including scan range testing, barcode density, barcode width, light resistance, and durability. Our testing determined the scanner performs as well if not better than the other scanners in its class. The effective scan range of the LS2208 is from contact to about 17” back, confirming Zebra’s advertised range. This falls in line with standard use in retail environments as well as within the class. Accurately scanning while in contact with a barcode provides the LS2208 a slight edge, as the flex-neck stand may put the scanner much closer to a barcode. When testing the durability, the LS2208 passed our 3’ and 6’ drop tests, but received damage to the auto-sense mechanism on the second 13’ drop. After the second drop, the top of the head unit popped loose and the scanner stayed in auto-sense mode. It was at this point we determined the damage to be sufficient enough to “fail,” as the usability of the scanner was significantly altered. Zebra’s drop specification lists the LS2208 as surviving multiple 5.5’ drops to concrete, and our scanner far exceeded those specifications.

The greatest strength of the LS2208 lies in the scan engine designed by Symbol. In testing wide barcodes, we were able to get it to read barcodes 7” wide, with about 50 characters encoded. For density, our LS2208 was capable of reading barcodes as small as 4.9 mil, excellent for retail use. This scanning robustness means the LS2208 will easily scan any barcode you will encounter in general use, and has the capability of scanning more complicated linear barcodes as needed. Light resistance is the bane of a barcode scanner’s existence, and the LS2208 is no exception. When scanning from a standard range of 4 inches, the scanner could not easily read barcodes in direct sunlight or with our 250w spotlight within 12”. The LS2208 does act as a contact scanner, which can eliminate the problem, but only for barcodes about 1.5” wide.

A breakdown of the Zebra LS2208’s capabilities is listed in table and graph form below.

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