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Buy The Most Affordable Memory Card in BD

Memory Card is gaining popularity as storage due to their compact design and platform compatibility. It doesn’t matter whether you own a Laptop, gaming console, Tablet PC, Drone, or camera; these memory cards are the fastest versatile storage option you can use. You can use these SD memory cards for various reasons such as video recording, professional storage, and many more. Even the bulky Desktop PCs support MicroSD memory cards for media file transfer. It all indicates the priority this accessory has as storage.

Most Notable memory card brands to consider in 2022

If you want to buy a good memory card in 2022 for your mobile, Tablet PC, Playstation, or camera you can consider one from any brand like SanDisk, Lexar, Transcend, Samsung, Sony, Adata, Apacer, Transcend, or PNY.

Know These Before Buying a memory card

Memory cards are divided into three main categories. The first one is Secure Digital or SD card. These cards support a maximum capacity of 2 GB. The second type is called Mini SD cards. These cards are defunct today and can be found in very few old devices like PDA. The third and common type of memory card is the micro-SD. They are used in Smartphones, tablet PC, DSLR cameras, Dash Cam, Drones, camcorders, Action cameras, etc, and supports capacity from 2GB up to 128TB.

Based on the data capacity these memory cards are classified into four types. The first ones are called SDSC or SD cards and they support from 128MB to 2GB. The second one is called SDHC or Secure Digital High Capacity and they support ranges from 4GB up to 32 GB. The third type is called SDXC or Secure Digital Extended Capacity and they support ranges from more than 64GB up to 2TB. The fourth type is called SDUC or Secure Digital Ultra Capacity and their support range is from more than 4TB up to 128TB. There is another category called Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO) which supports WiFi, BlueTooth, and GPS.

SDSC supports FAT32,16 and 16B, SDHC supports FAT 32; the SDXC, SDUC, and SDIO support exFAT as their file format. Memory cards are divided into three general speed classes. They are read and write Speed class, Ultra High Speed or UHS Speed Class, and Video speed class. These speed classes are indicated with the letters C, U, and V respectively. These letters are normally accompanied by a number. These numbers indicate the minimum and maximum read and write speed of the memory card. There is another classification for smartphone App processing; the A1 and the A2 cards. Cards from all of these classes support the writing speed of 10MBPS.