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What is the KVM SWITCH price in Bangladesh?

As a professional KVM Switch manufacturer, Kinan offers a complete range of LCD Switch solutions for your server management and maintenance at factory outlet prices. The rack-mount LCD KVM we offer is guaranteed to meet your project needs with 50,000 MTBF, and compliant with CE, FCC, UL, SAA, PSE, CB, and RoHS standards. Here at Kinan, we have more than 60 models of LCD KVM Consoles for your different applications, sample time for Kinan regular KVM Console takes about 3 days. Kinan also provides OEM & ODM services for KVM console switch, if you need to customize your own LCD KVM solution, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help and provide the best KVM console solution based on your project requirements.

Kinan Desktop KVM Switches allow users to easily switch between multiple computers from a single console (keyboard, video, mouse) at the desktop eliminating the clutter of extra keyboards, mice, and monitors. Kinan’s desktop KVM helps improve work efficiency for home users, offices and small businesses who need to manage more than one computer.

Kinan provide a wide range of desktop switches, such as HDMI KVM, DisplayPort KVM, DVI KVM, and VGA KVM. The design for desktop KVM is small and clean, only supports 2 port KVM switch and 4 port switch. Most of Kinan’s desktop KVMs support audio, USB Hub, and high resolutions. Kinan also provides OEM & ODM services for the desktop KVMs.

How exactly does a KVM switch work?

When a typical PC is starting up, the operating system will automatically try to detect the incoming signals from the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. After confirmation of connectivity, the monitor then displays the start up page. As a result, the start-up operations of a single PC (CPU/Server) are intricately involved with that of its keyboard, mouse, and monitor. A KVM allows for switching with the correct signals every time through the use of signal emulation technology. (signal emulation technology)

Since the main function of a KVM switch is to use only one set of keyboard, monitor and mouse to start multiple PCs, it is important that the switch ensures the emulated keyboard and mouse signals reach each PC and that during switching there is no effect on the PC’s CPU operations.

A KVM switch must also provide stable video resolution, support multiple computer platforms and operating systems, and be able to interface with many different brands of keyboards, mice, and monitors. Each switch can only support a maximum number of PC connections, i.e. the total number of ports. A single switch can provide as few as two ports, while a multiple KVM switch installation with possible expansion capability reaching up to thousands of ports.