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PLEXTONE GP200 GAMING HEADSET STANDThe Plextone GP200 Gaming Headset Stand is a product designed to hold and display your gaming headset in an organized and convenient manner. The stand is made of a sturdy material, such as plastic or aluminum, and is equipped with a non-slip base to ensure stability. The Plextone GP200 Gaming Headset Stand is a great way to keep your headset within reach and free from damage. By elevating your headset, it helps to reduce wear and tear on the headband, as well as preventing tangles in the cable. Additionally, it provides a stylish and functional display for your headset, making it a perfect addition to your gaming setup. The headset stand is designed specifically for gaming headsets and may have additional features such as cable management, headphone hooks, and adjustable arms to accommodate different headset sizes.SpecificationForward tilting chassis design, increase desktop adhesionAluminum alloy cast column, minimalist designLightweight material to ensure support strengthWide and round top support to prevent deformation of headphone headbandTop Tray Holder: The wide circular top increases the contact area of headphones, evenly distributes the weight of headphones and solves the problem of headband deformationAluminum Column: Aluminum allow casting column, simple design, lightweight material, guarantee the support strengthNon-Slip Base: Tilt forward chassis design, increase tabletop adhesionStand only, headphone not included..
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Plextone G2 Wireless Gaming Earphone
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Plextone G2 Wireless Gaming Earphone65ms ultra-low delay, one of the lowest delay wireless headphones at presentFast charging, 30 minutes charging 80%Game 3D sound effect, providing virtual 7.1 channel sound effect through gamedsp chipCoulor led Lighting, 4 light effect modesHD-Voice, silicon crystal semiconductor pickup element, suitable for pubg MobileSingle side 4.2g, lightweight designIpx5 waterproof gradePlay-Time up to 10 hoursIOS & Android system is fully compatible, supporting headset power display..
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PLEXTONE G3 Gaming Wireless Neckband Earphone
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PLEXTONE G3 Gaming Wireless Neckband EarphonePlextone G3 gaming bluetooth 5.0 earphone with LED Removable long mic65ms ultra-low delay, one of the lowest delay wireless headphones at presentFast charging, 30 minutes charging 80%Game 3D sound effect, providing virtual 7.1 channel sound effect through games chipBuilt-in Plextone H1 Chip, low delay & fast chargingColor led Lighting, 4 light effect modes, customizable modesHD-Voice, silicon crystal semiconductor pickup element, suitable for PUBG MobileSingle side 4.5g, equal to an A4 paper’s weight, lightweight designPlay-Time up to 10 hoursIOS & Android system is fully compatible, supporting headset power displaySweat-proof , Splash-proof..
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PLEXTONE G600 Gaming Wired Dynamic Headphone + GameDAC
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PLEXTONE G600 Gaming Wired Dynamic HeadphoneThis gaming headphones sound quality is very accurate.The powerful sound drivers are spacious and can give you a nice punch that will make you feel like you are within the game itself.You will look super stylish with the nice design and excellent LED lighting extruding from its interior.With the firm, comfortable fit these headphones provide, the isolation they provide is impeccable.The ear cushions and headband cushions are very comfortable.Perfect for long gaming sessions...
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Plextone BT270 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
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Plextone BT270 Bluetooth Headphones OverviewPlextone BT270 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Comes with Plextone Brand, BT270 Model, Wearing Type Over-ear, 150g Net Weight (g) The Plextone BT270 85*170*185mm Dimensions (cm/ inch), Yes Microphone, V4.1 Bluetooth Version, Transmission Distance 10M This which (Built-in 8GB ): Support MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV audio formats MP3 player mode, 20-20kHz Frequency Response, 800mAh, 3.7V Battery Capacity, 2.5h Charging Time (h), 30h Working Time (h),  360h Standby Time (h), etc.Features:Bluetooth V4.1, Support HFP.HSP.A2DP and AVRCP.Support Volume control, last song/Next song.High fidelity sound quality, Deep bass effect.Built-in 800mAh cobalt lithium-ion battery.40% volume environment continuous playback time reached a record 30 hours a day.The color burst table asymmetrical round ear shell design, unique unilateral twist hanging arm structure, a strong sense of design outbreak.Support for single loop/order play.Gigh-fidelity sound quality, plenty of resolution, full bass.Support for playback mode: Bluetooth mode (wireless connection mobile music) Bluetooth plus cable-free to switch.Built-in 800mAh cobalt lithium-ion battery, 40% volume environment continuous playback time reached a record 30 hours a day...
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Plextone G50 In Ear Wired Black Gaming Earphone
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Plextone G50 In-Ear Wired Black Gaming EarphoneIndependent Game DSP, which provides a 24Bit/96KHz audio sampling rate beyond CD.The knock motor is built in the headset, and when used with Game DSP, the game vibration can be exploded in the mode of vibration enhancement.Provide “gunshot enhancement, footstep enhancement, 7.1CH multi-channel a variety of game digital sound effects selection.Headphones provide second-generation pluggable microphones, built-in dual-pointing noise-reduction pickup, and built into a dual-microphone system with microphones in the wired controller.One-Click to turn off the inside sound of the game, Puji G50 has its own secret. Eliminate the background and background noise of other games from the teammates during the regiment wartime.Support PC/PS4/mobile phone use...
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Plextone G30 3.5mm Noise Canceling Gaming Earphone
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Plextone G30 3.5mm Gaming EarphonePlextone G30 Gaming Earphone built-in dual clear microphone, the earphone is capable for 360 degrees pick up your voice, one is especially for game and it is long and adjustable. This earphone is also comes with a pair of memory foam, improve the noise cancelling function. Let you enjoy the game deeply. in this earphone, the pair of memory foam, improve the noise cancelling function and also the In-line control function, compatible with smartphone and computer which is support to control volume and microphone. This earphone is also featured with 10mm dynamic speaker, double bass effect, Frequency response: 20-20000Hz, Impedance: 16ohms, Sensitivity: 100 ± 3 dB. In this earphone, the length is reach 2.2m, compatible with phone and computer...
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PLEXTONE G25 Gaming Earphones
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Plextone G25 Gaming EarphoneWIDDE Application: Using extension cords, desktop adapters and microphones, Full length cable length: The total cable length can reach 2.2 meters. Therefore, a headset with a microphone can fully meet the player’s requirements during the game.Comfortable movement: These earplugs are made of memory cotton to prevent external noise and make the ear comfortable to wear. Don’t worry about walking, yoga, reading, thinking and relaxing.Decent sound and high-fidelity performance: The sound quality is very good, and to prevent external noise to leave you deep impression. The powerful bass stereo makes the beat more dynamic and activates you in the sport. Start listening to live music with these stereo headphones in your headphones! Good headphones iPod, iPhone, MP3, iPad, tablet and Android devices.Everyone’s ears are common: There are three additional pairs of inner rings and silicon ear plugs (large, medium, and small). So this headset can be used by everyone, do not worry about its size...
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Plextone G23 Gaming Earphone
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Plextone G23 Gaming EarphonePlextone G23 Dual Variable Sound Cell For Replace Gaming Earphone Adjustable Stereo Headset Deep Bass Earbud PUBG CODM CS Mobile Legend. New enhance Special-shaped design comes with 2 different types of variable mount that can let you customize the ConnectivityWiredstereo sound of footstep or gunfire. Locating by the sound detected. Making a clear judgment of the direction of the coming sound, and giving an accurate sense of direction. Anti-interference microphone, clearer sound for group chatting. Eartips with High-speed springing memory sponge, excellent sound insulation, reduction of noise...
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Plextone G20 3.5mm Gaming Earphone
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Plextone G20 3.5mm Gaming EarphonePlextone G20 3.5mm Gaming Earphones, a stellar audio companion designed for gamers and audio enthusiasts alike. Boasting a wired connectivity feature, these earphones promise a seamless and reliable connection, ensuring that you stay immersed in your gaming world without any interruptions. The Plextone G20 comes equipped with a high-quality gold-plated connector, enhancing the durability of the earphones while also providing an efficient and stable connection. The gold-plated connector not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures optimal signal transfer for a premium audio experience. When it comes to audio performance, the Plextone G20 doesn't disappoint. With a frequency range spanning from 13Hz to 21500Hz, these earphones deliver a rich and dynamic sound profile. Whether you're exploring virtual worlds, engaging in intense battles, or simply enjoying your favorite music, the Plextone G20 ensures that every audio detail is crystal clear and immersive.The earphones feature an impedance of 16Ohm, contributing to efficient power utilization and compatibility with a wide range of devices. At the same time, the impressive sensitivity of 108dB ensures that even the faintest sounds are reproduced with remarkable clarity, adding depth to your gaming experience. Designed as in-ear headphones, the Plextone G20 provides a snug and comfortable fit, effectively blocking out external noise for an undisturbed gaming session. The lightweight design, weighing just 20g or 0.7oz, adds to the comfort, allowing for extended use without causing any discomfort. The Plextone G20 also offers a generous cable length of 1.6m or 63 inches, featuring a straight-shaped 3.5mm cable. This design provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to move freely without being tethered too closely to your gaming setup. In conclusion, the Plextone G20 3.5mm Gaming Earphones combine cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design to deliver a premium audio experience. Whether you're a dedicated gamer or an audio enthusiast, these earphones are poised to elevate your auditory experience to new heights, ensuring that every gaming moment is immersive, thrilling, and memorable.G20 EARPHONE PRICE IN BDImmerse yourself in the world of gaming with the Plextone G20 3.5mm Gaming Earphone, available at IT Source. The wired connectivity and gold-plated connector ensure a lag-free and reliable gaming audio experience. With a wide frequency range, low impedance, and high sensitivity, these earphones capture every detail of the game's audio landscape. The in-ear design and lightweight construction provide comfort during extended gaming sessions, making them a perfect choice for gaming enthusiasts. Upgrade your gaming setup with Plextone G20 from IT Source and gain a competitive edge with superior audio quality.Plextone G20 3.5mm Gaming Earphone FeaturesWired Connectivity: The Plextone G20 Gaming Earphones feature a wired connection, providing a reliable and lag-free audio experience for gamers who demand precision and responsiveness in their gameplay.Gold-Plated Connector: Equipped with a gold-plated connector, these earphones not only exude a premium aesthetic but also ensure a durable and efficient connection. The gold plating enhances conductivity, contributing to an uninterrupted and high-quality audio transmission.Wide Frequency Range: With an impressive frequency range spanning from 13Hz to 21500Hz, the Plextone G20 delivers a comprehensive spectrum of sound. From deep bass to crisp highs, these earphones capture every nuance, ensuring an immersive audio experience for gaming, music, and other multimedia activities.Low Impedance: Featuring an impedance of 16Ohm, the Plextone G20 is optimized for efficient power usage. This makes them compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones, gaming consoles, and PCs, ensuring a versatile audio solution for different platforms.High Sensitivity: Boasting a sensitivity of 108dB, these gaming earphones reproduce audio with exceptional clarity and precision. Even subtle sounds are rendered with accuracy, providing gamers with a competitive edge by allowing them to hear every detail in the game environment.In-Ear Design: Designed as in-ear headphones, the Plextone G20 provides a snug and comfortable fit, effectively isolating external noise. This design not only enhances the gaming experience by immersing the user in the audio but also makes these earphones suitable for use in various environments.Lightweight Construction: Weighing in at only 20g or 0.7oz, the Plextone G20 ensures extended gaming or listening sessions without causing discomfort. The lightweight design contributes to the overall comfort, making them an ideal choice for users who value both performance and comfort.Generous Cable Length: The earphones come with a 1.6m/63inch straight-shaped cable, providing users with flexibility and freedom of movement during gaming sessions. The length ensures that users are not constrained by the proximity of their audio source, adding convenience to the overall experience.Plextone G20 3.5mm Gaming Earphone Review..
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Plextone G15 Gaming Earphones with MIC
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Plextone G15 Gaming EarphonesPlextone G15 Gaming Earphones feature innovative ear base designed based on the structure of concha cavity. Weighing only 10 grams, the lightest e-sport earplugs in history. Laser-engraved metal wire tuner, compatible with phones and computers. Curved plug design, more comfortable for mobile games. Luxury accessories with a free 2-jack computer adapter cable.Innovative ear base designed based on the structure of concha cavity.Weighs only 10 grams; the lightest e-sport earplugs in history.Laser-engraved metal wire tuner makes it compatible with phones and computers.Curved plug design, more comfortable for mobile games.Luxury accessories with a free 2-jack computer adapter cable...
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Plextone Boost1 Bone Conduction Headphone
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Plextone Boost1 Bone Conduction Headphone120ms Low Latency: The Bone Conduction Headphones Boost1 has an extremely low 120ms input latency, supporting the audio stays synced with your device and will never stutter, providing a competitive gaming advantage and a more immersive experience for Gaming and Video.Built-in US Ti digital power amplifier chip: It maximizes endurance and improves sound quality. Compared with other power amplifier chips, it can also reduce the quiescent current by two-thirds and reduce the white noise of headphones by 80%.Bluetooth V5.1 Fast Pairing: The latest Bluetooth v5.0 technology brings faster wireless pairing with your device, a more stable connection, and a 33ft signal.Sweatproof: Secure Fit Design: Ergonomic design for comfortable wearing make sure you do sport freely and do not worry about falling out. IPX4sweatproof to resist light rain and sweat for gaming. ABS + titanium alloy enables the headphone lightweight but durable.Charging Time & Battery Life: Built-in 110mAh lithium battery. A full charge takes 1.5 hours, standby time 10 days, and playtime around 5 hours. Suitable for outdoor or indoor activities...
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Plextone Quake GS5 USB Sound Card Amplifier
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Plextone Quake GS5 Amplifier OverviewPlextone Quake GS5 USB Sound Card Amplifier Comes with Plextone Brand, G55 ModeI, Foot/Shot First EQ mode, 7.1/2.0Switchable Vocal tract. The Quiet Mode One key mute 3.5mm+USB, Interface Specification, 150cm USB Line Length. This Plextone Quake GS5 Packaging Size 15.5x15x6cm, 175g Weight, etc...
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Plextone GS3 Virtual 7.1-Channel USB Sound Card Driver
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 Virtual 7.1-Channel USB Sound Card DriverPlextone GS3 designed for 3.5mm jack devices like headphones, headset or microphones that stop working or have issues with output cutting in and out. It is also suitable for sound card in the computer/laptop/desktop that dying or losing connection with motherboard. You can also use mic and headphone together on iMac/Mac Mini devices with our product.LOUDER PREVIOUS-SOUNDLouder the sound that computer cannot do by itself, create surround sound effect which will bring you fantastic feelings. Support normal stereo, earphone, headphone, headset or microphone with 3.5mm jack, Raspberry Pi 2/3 Xbox PS4 Surface Tablet Laptop, especially for gaming headsets.NO DRIVERSEasy to use, no extra drivers is needed. Plug and play for instant audio playback. Microphone/Headphone mute design makes the headset and speaker mode switch freely without unplugging anything from the computer. Output audio sound can be adjusted by the volume adjustment wheel.Mixer FUNCTIONMixer Function can adjust the output electronically level. Functional keys including microphone-mute, speaker-mute and volume-up/down roller. The mini LED indicator and surround sound can improve the level of gaming audio. Two headset jacks with one microphone jack can satisfy all your needs for an external sound card adapter...
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