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UGREEN USB NETWORK PRINT SERVER FOR RAW PRINTER CM428UGREEN USB NETWORK PRINT SERVERUSB Network Print Server helps you quickly turn your USB printer into a network printer when you choose our print server to connect with your USB printer.USB Network Print Server supports your USB printer to be shared with multiple users simultaneously over a LAN network.USB 2.0 Print Server allows you to send the print jobs to your USB printer via your Android smartphone and computer wirelessly.After connecting with our network USB print server with your USB printer, you can print files in the format of image, PDF, PPT,Excel, Word via your Android smartphone and computer wirelesslyA Quick-Start of Network USB Print ServerStep 1: Please download “Print Server Config Tool” from our business site on your Windows computer.Step 2: Please connect the Print Server with Your Windows computer via USB cable.Step 3: Please assign a fixed IP address for the USB Print Server via “Print Server Config Tool” on a Windows computer first.Step 4: Add the IP address and USB port information of the print server into your target USB printer in your computer. Then you can explore the excellent printing experience via the Print Server.Step 5: Download and install APP “PrinterShare” or “PrintHand” into your Android Smartphone and follow the manual user to setup, then you can send print jobs to your USB printer wirelessly in LAN.FEATURE :Ugreen 10941 USB Network Print Server CM428To use this print server, the printer must support the RAW protocolSupports printer models with the RAW protocol of brands HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Yingpu, Adams Xerox, Lenovo, Qidan, Sanqi, Konica Minolta, Deli, Toshiba, Kyocera, Zebra, etc.Printers Canon LBP2900, 2900+, 3000 – HP P1008, M403D, Epson 1390 are not supported… (because these models do not support RAW protocol)..
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