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LDNIO SE5334 POWER STRIP BOX WITH 5 SOCKET PORT + 3 USB PORTFEATURESNew LDNIO SE5334 Power Strip Management Design Power Strip Box, Tidy Charging5 socket ports and 3 USB ports, universal application, 850°C heat resistance, large space inside. Keep your desktop tidy.Can use 5 high load adapters and 3 USB ports at the same time. 3 USB port smart IC insideL shape pierces special design for cable management, easy to find the cable and keep you desk clean.Heat Dissipation and Main Control Button Design, Safe OperationPiercing bottom design, make sure the heat dissipation.The main control button is hidden on the side, one press can control all ports.Design with 4 invisible buckle ports inside, one more safeguard for children.High-Quality Material, Scientific Design, One More Safeguard For EveryoneFireproof PC material, comply with the national fireproof standard, the resistant temperature can reach 850°C.High quality copper, 33% thickened cable, high welding technology. Small resistance, safer conductivity.More protection like a waterproof switch, child safety door, sufficient hole interval. Best choice for home and office...
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LDNIO SC3412 38W PD20W POWER STRIPFEATURES38W high power, Charge fast for tablets and phones which support PD3.0 and QC3.0 fast charging protocol.2M, heavy-duty power cord. Helps ensure optimal power flow to connected devices.Simultaneously helps to protect multiple electronic devices while accommodating large adapters.Protect up to 7 devices against spikes, fluctuations, and electromagnetic interference.Intelligent circuitry with built-in voltage sensing detects and responds to your device’s power needs...
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LDNIO 6 USB Ports and 3 Power Socket ExtensionPower Strip With 3 Ac Sockets + 6 Usb Ports3 Power Socket 6 Usb Anti-Static Power Socket Uk PlugModern Stylish Look, With Exquisite WorkmanshipMultifunctional Power Strip For All Kinds Of Digital ProductsEquipped With 3 Anti-Static Ac Sockets And 6 Intelligent Usb Charging Ports, Bringing Great ConveniencePower Switch Button Design, One-Key Easy Control..
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LDNIO SC4407 4 POWER SOCKET 4 USB CHARGER WITH POWER EXTENSION CORDStable power supply. Power filtration reduces interference to keep your system running at optimal performance.2m heavy-duty power cord. Helps to ensure optimal power flow to connected devices.Simultaneously helps to protect multiple electronic devices while accommodating large adaptors.Protect up to 4 devices against spikes, fluctuations and electromagnetic interference.4 Universal Socket outlet US/UK/EU different plugs to meet different requirements.LDNIO SC4407 4 USB PortsUSB Output (QC 3.0) : 3.6-12VUSB Output (Auto-ID) :5V/3.1AUSB Power 18WChild security buttonThe integrated ABS shell, 850’c Anti-flamingIntegrative copper, no welding spot and a stable current.Output 2500W, suitable for any size of household appliances and mobile devices.Power socket and on/off switch – corresponding control, turn it on only when you need.Voltage output 100-250VRated Power 2500W-10A(Max)SAFETY MARK CERTIFIED ON MAIN 3 PIN UK PLUG7 Days Warranty for one time 1-1 Exchange with original packaging intact return back to Seller’s store...
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