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Huion Inspiroy H1161 Graphics TabletHuion Inspiroy H1161 Graphics Tablet is available in Bangladesh. It has a 5080 Lpi resolution with a Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance pen. Total Active area (11 × 6.875 inch). This model weight is only 570g with tilt +-60 degrees. Huion Inspiroy H1161 Graphics Tablet is also compatible with many OS such as Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.12 or later and Android 6.0 or later.Features:Huion Inspiroy H1161 Graphics TabletLarger Work Space: H1161 graphic tablet features 11 x 6.8 inch drawing area, no limit for more natural, precise pen motions. It’s only 8mm thickness, feel free to drawing anywhere. Works With Chromebook, PC, Mac and Android.Expand Compatibility for on-the-go Choice: Pen tablet H1161 is compatible with not only Windows and Mac OS but also Android OS, easily connect your phone with OTG connector included, capture and express your ideas anywhere. NOTE: The cursor does not show up in SAMSUNG at present, except SAMSUNG Note Series. If you are not sure whether the product is compatible with your Phone or if you meet any problems, please contact us.Unique Type-C Input Designed: The USB-C ports can transfer data faster and more powerful, You are more convenient to insert the connector in both sides.Touch Strip and 26 Press Keys: New added touch strip for canvas size adjustment by default, 10 hard and 16 soft express keys provide you convenient work surface, enjoy your smooth drawing and create more! Huion provides lifetime technical support for all our pen tablets/displays.Battery-Free Pen for Energy Saving: New stylus technology supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt-response and virtually lag-free tracking. ±60°range brush tilt on softwares such as Photoshop, SAI and so on that boast such function.Smooth & natural pen experience: Pen tablet H1161 that boasts >220PPS report rate and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity ensures smooth and delicate lines.A pen designed for higher efficiency: Battery-free and ready to go, digital pen PW100 is designed with comfort and usability in mind. Draw as long as your heart desires!..
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Huion H950P Graphics Drawing TabletHuion HS611 Graphics Tablet is one of the most fascinating androids supported device from Huion Brand. This has gotten favors from digital artists and teachers. For online classes this device plays a massive role. It has wonderful functions with audio support so that you can listen to your favorite music while working on it.Its has 5080 Lpi resolution with a Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance pen.Total Working Area(PC Mode):258.4×161.5mmWorking Area(Phone Mode):90.1 x 161.5mm. This model weight is only 550g with tilt 60 degrees. It also compatible with many OS such as Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later Android.Huion HS611 has earned a lot of plaudit from digital working people. It has a light weighted battery-free stylus with 8192L pen pressure, 8 customizable keys, 1 touch strip and up to 60-degree tilt function. Besides androids this supports Window and Mac operating systems as well. Huion Launched 3 different colors of the devices, they are Coral Red, Starry Blue and Space Grey. So do not miss it!HUION H950P PRICE IN BANGLADESHHuion HS611 graphics tablet offers a blend of style and functionality at an affordable price in Bangladesh. Packed with advanced features like tilt recognition and customizable shortcut keys, this tablet enhances digital creativity. Its competitive pricing makes it an attractive choice for artists, designers, and enthusiasts seeking a high-quality drawing experience without breaking the bank. The Huion HS611 is a cost-effective solution for those looking to elevate their digital artistry in Bangladesh.Huion H950P Graphics Drawing Tablet Features:8 multimedia keys bring more fun to youThree colors: Coral Red, Starry Blue and Space GreySlim and easy-to-carry with 7.3mm of thickness>233PPS report rate8192 pressure sensitivity levels±60°tilt support10 programmable press keys + 1 programmable touch barOS support: Windows/macOS/AndroidHuion H950P Graphics Drawing Tablet Review..
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Huion H950P Graphics TabletHuion H950P Graphics Drawing Tablet is available in Bangladesh. The Huion H950P was the second tablet released by Huion with a battery-free pen, and is the bigger version of the Huion H640P. It was actually released a whole year ago near the end of 2017.This tablet is a Huion Inspiroy h950p. Its active draw area is 8.7″ x 5.4″ – as wide but not quite as tall as the Wacom. It too offers a 5080 lpi resolution and also has 8 express keys, though no touch ring. The pen is also batteryless, offers the same 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 60 degrees of pen tilt.Features:Huion H950P Graphics TabletDrawing On-the-go: Huion H950P drawing board is not only support OS Android /tablet connection, but also macOS 10.11 or later and Windows 7 or later. Play the OSU! Game or start your work, sketch, paint or edit photes, sign documents digitally, create mind-maps, draw diagrams or take notes. Nice choice for for Distance Education and Web Conference, online meeting or teaching.Battery-free stylus PW100 : neither need to be charged nor battery. 2 buttons can be customized. The pen holder with 8 pen nibs inside allows the pen put vertically which will well protect it. Compatible with Microsoft Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and more.Innovative ±60 levels natural tilt recognition:offer more natural control and precision . 8192 levels pressure sensitivity, 5080LPI offer better and precise control of drawing lines in digital drawing, painting and photo-editing etc.Note: The cursor does not show up in SAMSUNG at present,except SAMSUNG Note Series. If you are not sure whether the product is compatible with your phone or if you have any problems, please contact us.8 User-defined Shortcuts : simplify the common shortcuts usage of keyboards to increase work efficiency. Press-lock key on the right side design to avoid mistaken touch. H950P art tablet available for both left and right handed useCompact design with drawing area 8.7” x 5.4”, 8mm slim thickness and 497g light weight which will be easy to carry around. Compatible with most digital art software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Manga Studio, Clip Studio, Zbrush, Krita, Gimp and more...
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Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet HD Display 32 GB8″ HD display, 2X the storage (32 or 64 GB of internal storage and up to 1 TB with microSD card) + 2 GB RAMAll-day battery life – Up to 12 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching videos, and listening to musicNow with USB-C for easier charging. Fully charges in under 5 hours (with included cable + adapter)30% faster thanks to the new 2.0 GHz quad-core processorEnjoy millions of movies, TV episodes, songs, books, apps, games and more through Amazon’s Appstore (Google Play not supported)Introducing Game Mode – A distraction-free and optimized gaming experiencePicture-in-picture viewing with Prime Video, Netflix, Pinterest and more..
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HUION H1060p GRAPICS TAB1. Large Active Area But with Good PortabilityThe active area of H1060P is 254 x 158.8mm (10 x 6.25in), which gives ample room for you to create. In the contrary, the weight of the tablet is quite light, only weighs 770g. Thus, this tablet can be a good companion when you are travelling, letting you record your inspiration in time.2. Design for Detail Lover, Special Tilt SupportComes with a battery-free pen, you can get rid of the problem that the pen suddenly died when you are at a very critical moment of creating. Besides, with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, you can draw more natural and accurate lines as well as get a perfect feedback when depicting the details of your artwork.Plus with ±60 degrees of natural tilt recognition, you will have much more fun when drawing.3. Professional Configuration for Digital DrawingThe report rate of this tablet is up to 233 PPS plus with the 5080 LPI, you can get every stroke you drawn without delay. The professional configuration makes this device a professional tool for digital drawing.4. Time-saving Express KeysThe combination of 12 customizable express keys and 16 customizable soft keys can not only help you set up your favorite shortcuts but also improve your working efficiency, which can greatly save your time.5. The Frosted BorderCovered by special material, the frosted border can appreciably reduce the damage caused by scratching, offering more protection for the tablet.Features:HUION H1060p GRAPICS TABAndroid 6.0 or Later compatibility: Not just compatible with Windows 7 or later and Mac 10.11, it also supports Android devices; ONLY mobile phone and tablet powered by Android 6.0 or above are supported, while iPhone and iPad are NOT avaliable. It mostly enhance drawing mobility and convenience.Battery-free Stylus and Tilt Function: Battery-free pen PW100 with 8192 levels pressure-sensitivity, 266PPS report rate and 10mm sensing height, which makes H1060P ultra-responsive like never before. Supports ±60 degrees brush tilt. It is not only with great accuracy but also performs like traditional brushes, pencils and markers, offering a real and natural writing experience.New Design in Appearance: 10”x6.25” in working area, new full area surface and narrow edge design make 1060P look bigger. Pen carrier at right side design to carry pen with graphics tabletMore Customizable Shortcut Keys: 12 Customized Press Keys + 16 Customized Soft Keys. You can set any function for them according to your operating habit and preference.It creates an ergonomic and convenient drawing space to optimize your work flow and deliver better drawing experiences...
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