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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless EarbudsSound that rocksThe AKG-tuned 12mm speaker and enhanced bass tone play everything in studio-quality sound. An open design creates a live listening environment, suiting those who prefer a natural, spacious sound.New style. New soundEqual parts earbuds and ear bling, Galaxy Buds Live come in three colors you’ll want to rock all day.Turn down distractionsTurn on Active Noise Cancellation* to block out background noise on an airplane, train or bus. Tap again to let in surrounding live sounds—colleagues’ voices, flight announcements, street traffic—while still enjoying your favorite playlist or podcast.Long-lasting batteryLong-lasting battery life with a case that doubles as a wireless charger.Always-on assistanceUse your always-on voice assistant to order coffee, send a message or search music hands free...
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Samsung ANC Type-C Earphone by AKG
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Original Samsung ANC Type-C EarphonesHear your playlist clearly on the ANC Type-C earphones. Incredible noise-canceling performance lets you listen safely, while the USB Type-C plug distinctly divides sounds between the left and right earbuds, so stereo audio is true stereo.ANC Type-C earphones draw power from your device, meaning there’s no need to separately charge the earphone. Simply plug it in to your phone for crisp, dynamic audio with little background noise.With a design inspired by Galaxy Buds, the ANC Type-C earphones are engineered to sit comfortably in your ears even when you’re listening for a long time. Included are multiple eartip and wingtip options so you can choose the best fit...
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