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High-end Acoustic TechnologyKZ-ZSN PRO X Earphones adopts a 10mm dual magnetic dynamic driver. As we know, the distance between the magnetic cores is the magnetic gap of the sound unit. By adjusting the magnetic gap of the dynamic, the eddy current loss is reduced and the stroke is increased, presenting rich low-frequency power, providing a wide frequency response, and bringing a sound experience like being on the spotBrand-new Color Zinc Alloy ShellKZ-ZSN PRO X Earphones adopts a streamline style of metal and resin. The color is brand-new and refreshing. The faceplate is made of high quality Zinc Alloy while the cavity is made of imported resin. The combination of different materials and the wide range of color options display a modern and eye-catching earphonesErgonomics and Comfortable WearingThe curved cavity is designed based on ergonomics to fit the auricle tightly and comfortably. The KZ ZSN PRO X earphone has a supreme wearing experience for long time wearing with superior noise cancelling function up to 26dB reduction..
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UGREEN MFI CERTIFIED LIGHTNING EARPHONE(30631)MFi Certified: Built-in with official MFi certified chip, UGREEN Lightning Earbuds offering flawless lightning connectivity to all iOS mobile devices and perfectly compatible with iPhone 13, iPhone 12 , iPhone 11 11 Pro, iPhone Xr / Xs/ Xs max, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus /iPad/ iPod.Dynamic Audio: Built-in 10mm dynamic driver speaker, the Lightning earbuds deliver stunningly clear highs, creating wide sound field audio.Microphone & In-line Control: Features with premium MEMS microphones, the Lightning headphones offer clear calls and easy in-line control buttons to adjust volume, take/reject calls or change songs tracks, wake up Siri, play and pause the music.Comfortable to Wear: The ergonomic wired earbuds provide a snug and secure fit for the majority of ears (S/M/L size ear tips included) which greatly disperse pressure and ensure comfort for all-day wearing.Durable and Portable: The cable of lightning-wired earbuds is made of TPE material, which is flexible, not easy to break, and get knotted. The lightweight and stylish design allow the music to flow anywhere you go...
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TRN MT1 Hi-FI 1DD Dynamic In-ear EarphoneDynamic In-ear Earphone adopts a dual-magnet design. This newly-designed magnet increases magnetic flux by 55% – close to 1 Tesla. This resulted in an improvement in resolution, dynamics, and speed. A technological-innovative masterpiece 5μm Silicon crystal composite bio-cellulose diaphragm. Sillicon crystal composite bio-cellulose diaphragm is 2 times more efficient compared to the conventional bio-cellulose diaphragm, thus can be driven easily. This extends the frequency range, allowing excellent transient response even when driven by smartphones.Made of imported environment-friendly polycarbonate for high gloss and transparency. MT1 will glitter beautifully under translucent light. It suppresses the reflection of sound waves internally resulting in an overall tone that is warm and mellow, without a hint of harshness. Punchy bass, clear midrange, and resolving treble, MT 1 is carefully tuned with a balanced sound in mind suitable for most music genres. An organic yet lively sound that is pleasing to the ears...
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Sony MDR-EX15AP EX Monitor Headphones
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Sony MDR-EX15AP EX Monitor HeadphonesSony MDR-EX15AP EX Monitor Headphones allows you to play back music and take calls from your portable device. Its in-line mic and remote are compatible with Sony’s Smart Key app for Android devices which allows you to customize control of your Android phone. The headphones have 9mm drivers with Neodymium magnets and include 3 pairs of silicone ear buds to provide a comfortable fit. The integrated microphone and multi-function control button make the MDR-EX15AP a companion for your smartphone. Android users can also use the Smart Key app for added control functionality directly from your smartphone...
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Samsung ANC Type-C Earphone by AKG
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Original Samsung ANC Type-C EarphonesHear your playlist clearly on the ANC Type-C earphones. Incredible noise-canceling performance lets you listen safely, while the USB Type-C plug distinctly divides sounds between the left and right earbuds, so stereo audio is true stereo.ANC Type-C earphones draw power from your device, meaning there’s no need to separately charge the earphone. Simply plug it in to your phone for crisp, dynamic audio with little background noise.With a design inspired by Galaxy Buds, the ANC Type-C earphones are engineered to sit comfortably in your ears even when you’re listening for a long time. Included are multiple eartip and wingtip options so you can choose the best fit...
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Remax RM 610D Super Bass EarphoneIn-ear design allows for passive noise isolation.10 mm drivers with neodymium magnets for full-range sound, 1.2-meter nylon braided cable with gold-plated 3.5mm plug Endurable,light&handy design, it has been frosted and oxidized by 32 process.Taking up imported swiss environmetal soft material, humanized ergonomic air bump style ear plug, combine comfort and integrating degree, white makes your bluetooth earphone get rid of “hang” ear.Use HD microphone, high sensitivity, no any blocks when people talk with you...
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OnePlus BE02T Type-C Bullets Earphone OverviewBetter Audio with a Built-in DACWe’ve crafted a listening experience that’s immersive, vibrant, and extraordinarily detailed, thanks to an advanced internal DAC with high-res audio support. The speakers are fitted with a high-quality film diaphragm that makes voices sound more realistic and immediate, and the flat-wire cables are tangle-free and threaded with tough Karbon fiber.Stay in ControlThere’s no need to take out your phone every time you want to pause a song or answer a call, that’s what the three-button in-line remote control is for. The left and right channels reproduce sound independently, reducing noise and capturing each note perfectly. By removing the MIC signal from the channels, the quality of your phone calls is also significantly improved.The Sound of QualityBefore a pair of Bullets is considered ready for shipment, it has to undergo numerous rigorous quality tests. Traits like temperature resistance and plug durability are all put to the test, and only the earbuds that emerge from the tests in pristine condition are good enough for your ears. ..
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MI Dual Driver In-ear Magnetic EarphoneMI Dual Driver In-ear Earphone Designed for high-definition dynamic bass to make your music great every day. Mi Dual Drivers In-ear Earphones are the best for immersive audio experience with dual dynamic drivers for powerful bass and crisp treble. It has Passive Noise cancellation, that blocks out the unwanted ambient noise to deliver an unmatched auditory experience, letting you enjoy your music, audiobooks, and movies at all volume levels. The tangle-free braided cable is smooth to touch and anti-winding that lets you store effortlessly it in your pockets, bag or case without the worry of repeated untangling.The Dual drivers are here to deliver a never heard before audio experience. The immersive sound allows you to experience every note in sharp detail. The dual dynamic driver structure brings a quality sound experience with the drivers delivering rich bass and crisp treble. Dual drivers ensure low distortion and focuses on all frequencies to deliver a complete sound stage whereas a single driver focuses on a single frequency range and doesn’t focus on mids or highs.The clear mids offer superior instrument separation and enthralling vocals. Sparkling trebles let the guitars and lead solos really shine, making these the perfect earphones for your desired listening. Also enjoy rich bass complementing the highs and mids. The anodized aluminum cavity is crafted using a precise anodizing process and is further perfected with a zircon sandblasting procedure.This renders the earphones scratch-proof, fingerprint resistant and lightweight. The outer shell features an elegant carbon look for effortless style. The braided cable is smooth to touch and anti-winding. You can effortlessly store it in your pockets, bag or case without the worry of repeated untangling...
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MEMT X9s Full Metal EarphoneFeature:All-metal shellsGood build quality with Magnets!Mobile Games & Theater exclusive EarphonesRed copper material, powerful bass, magnetic designProfessional wire, volume control, customized silicon MIC..
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MEMT X5s Stereo EarphonesFeature:Using Nano-type diaphragm driver and Imported enameled wire voice coil.TPE high elastic striped wireLow frequency is strong and powerful. Vivid sound. Especially suitable for popular, rock and roll.45 ° ergonomic design. To improve the comfortable wearing and effective block noise. Top noise reduction, recording sound level (recording effect comparable to the professional-grade microphone)Imported electret condenser microphone. High degree vocal reproduction, high Sensitivity, Sound recording is loud. K song must have it. Compatible with a mobile phone, computer. K song software button design, can answer/hang up, pause and switch songs.Small body & Surround stereo sound & Biological composite membrane & High sensitivity control cableSelf-created audio separation technology & Perfect sound qualityWearing comfortably with half-ear & all-metal, front and back cavity, and appearance patent: 201630322663.55.5 mm Nano-type driverSimple design with ultra-high quality, makes you experience the extraordinary fun of music...
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QKZ DM7 Gold Plated Housing EarphonesMetal CNC Zinc alloy9 mm NdFeB speakerImpedance: 32Ω±15%8-22K Hz Frequency ResponsePlay / Pause, Answer / Off..
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QKZ DM10 Metallic Earbuds Quality optimization of exclusive patent.Metal composite vibrating membrance.Ergonomic design, nipple grade silicone ear muffs.comfortable and easy to wear.A perfect gift for yourself or friend.High quality sound...
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Plextone G50 In Ear Wired Black Gaming Earphone
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Plextone G50 In-Ear Wired Black Gaming EarphoneIndependent Game DSP, which provides a 24Bit/96KHz audio sampling rate beyond CD.The knock motor is built in the headset, and when used with Game DSP, the game vibration can be exploded in the mode of vibration enhancement.Provide “gunshot enhancement, footstep enhancement, 7.1CH multi-channel a variety of game digital sound effects selection.Headphones provide second-generation pluggable microphones, built-in dual-pointing noise-reduction pickup, and built into a dual-microphone system with microphones in the wired controller.One-Click to turn off the inside sound of the game, Puji G50 has its own secret. Eliminate the background and background noise of other games from the teammates during the regiment wartime.Support PC/PS4/mobile phone use...
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Plextone G30 3.5mm Gaming EarphonePlextone G30 Gaming Earphone built-in dual clear microphone, the earphone is capable for 360 degrees pick up your voice, one is especially for game and it is long and adjustable. This earphone is also comes with a pair of memory foam, improve the noise cancelling function. Let you enjoy the game deeply. in this earphone, the pair of memory foam, improve the noise cancelling function and also the In-line control function, compatible with smartphone and computer which is support to control volume and microphone. This earphone is also featured with 10mm dynamic speaker, double bass effect, Frequency response: 20-20000Hz, Impedance: 16ohms, Sensitivity: 100 ± 3 dB. In this earphone, the length is reach 2.2m, compatible with phone and computer...
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Plextone G25 Gaming EarphoneWIDDE Application: Using extension cords, desktop adapters and microphones, Full length cable length: The total cable length can reach 2.2 meters. Therefore, a headset with a microphone can fully meet the player’s requirements during the game.Comfortable movement: These earplugs are made of memory cotton to prevent external noise and make the ear comfortable to wear. Don’t worry about walking, yoga, reading, thinking and relaxing.Decent sound and high-fidelity performance: The sound quality is very good, and to prevent external noise to leave you deep impression. The powerful bass stereo makes the beat more dynamic and activates you in the sport. Start listening to live music with these stereo headphones in your headphones! Good headphones iPod, iPhone, MP3, iPad, tablet and Android devices.Everyone’s ears are common: There are three additional pairs of inner rings and silicon ear plugs (large, medium, and small). So this headset can be used by everyone, do not worry about its size...
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Plextone G23 Gaming EarphonePlextone G23 Dual Variable Sound Cell For Replace Gaming Earphone Adjustable Stereo Headset Deep Bass Earbud PUBG CODM CS Mobile Legend. New enhance Special-shaped design comes with 2 different types of variable mount that can let you customize the ConnectivityWiredstereo sound of footstep or gunfire. Locating by the sound detected. Making a clear judgment of the direction of the coming sound, and giving an accurate sense of direction. Anti-interference microphone, clearer sound for group chatting. Eartips with High-speed springing memory sponge, excellent sound insulation, reduction of noise...
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Plextone G20 3.5mm Gaming EarphonePlextone G20 3.5mm Gaming Earphone comes with Sidetone holes, boosting double bass effect. This Gaming Earphone is designed with Second-generation memory foam, offering top-level rebounding of 5-8 seconds and promoting the soundproofing by 8pct. This new gaming earphone featured with Rated Impedance: 16Ohm, Sensitivity: 108dB, Frequency Response: 13Hz-21500Hz and Distortion: <0.1%. It also comes with a Gold-plated Plug 3.5mm straight shaped 1.6m/63inch (extension cord: 0.6m/24inch) cable...
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Plextone G15 Gaming EarphonesPlextone G15 Gaming Earphones feature innovative ear base designed based on the structure of concha cavity. Weighing only 10 grams, the lightest e-sport earplugs in history. Laser-engraved metal wire tuner, compatible with phones and computers. Curved plug design, more comfortable for mobile games. Luxury accessories with a free 2-jack computer adapter cable.Innovative ear base designed based on the structure of concha cavity.Weighs only 10 grams; the lightest e-sport earplugs in history.Laser-engraved metal wire tuner makes it compatible with phones and computers.Curved plug design, more comfortable for mobile games.Luxury accessories with a free 2-jack computer adapter cable...
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