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Coteetci Laptop Bag in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Coteetci laptop bags provide chic and practical ways to transport laptops and related items. These bags, which are made of premium materials, offer your gadgets durability and protection. They provide practical accessory and personal item storage alternatives with their numerous pockets and compartments. Coteetci laptop bags are perfect for professionals, students, and travelers alike because they come in a variety of designs to fit diverse tastes and purposes.

The price of Coteetci Laptop Bag in Bangladesh starts from BDT 1,000 and can go up to BDT 3,000, depending on the brand and features. The price range allows for options suitable for various budgets and requirements.

Types of Coteetci Laptop Bags

To meet a range of needs, COTEetci provides a selection of fashionable and useful laptop bags. The Designer Laptop Sleeve blends style and protection with its chic designs and high-quality materials. The Slim Laptop Bag offers customers who are constantly on the road a portable and lightweight alternative. Easy device charging is made possible by the Laptop Bag with USB Charging Port, adding to its convenience. Furthermore, choices like Waterproof and Men's/Women's particular designs accommodate a range of needs and tastes.

Designer Laptop Bag

COTEetci designing laptop sleeves blend style and substance with their cutting-edge patterns and high-quality materials. These sleeves elevate the refinement of your accessory assortment while offering your laptop snug and safe protection.

Slim Laptop Bag

COTEetci tiny laptop bags are perfect for people who like a simple, streamlined design because they are lightweight and compact. These backpacks ensure convenience without compromising style by providing enough storage space for your laptop and other necessities despite their compact appearance.

Laptop Bag with USB Charging Port

You can conveniently charge your devices while on the go with the built-in USB charging connection found in certain COTEetci laptop bags. To charge your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices while traveling or commuting, just attach your power bank to the built-in USB connector within the bag.

Waterproof Laptop Bag

The waterproof materials used in the construction of COTEetci laptop bags offer defense against spills, rain, and other environmental factors. This function makes sure that no matter what the weather, your laptop and possessions stay safe and dry.

Laptop Bag for Men/Women

Men's and women's laptop bags are available from COTEetci. To accommodate a range of tastes and requirements, these bags are offered in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, so that everyone may find a good fit.

Stylish Laptop Bag

COTEetci laptop bags have fashionable styles that go well with any ensemble or setting. COTEetci provides a variety of alternatives to fit your individual taste and aesthetic, whether you like a sleek and modern appearance or a more traditional design.


Coteetci laptop bags are chic styles that combine practicality and style. These bags come in a range of colors, designs, and fabrics to fit every person's style and preference, making them the ideal accessory for business, vacation, or leisure. They have sleek and modern aesthetics as well as classic and timeless looks.


Coteetci laptop bags combine fashionable designs with useful features to deliver outstanding performance. Because of their sturdy construction, they offer dependable protection for laptops and accessories. Coteetci bags are the perfect travel, work, and daily companions because of their ergonomic designs and generous storage capacity.


Coteetci laptop bags offer sturdy defense for your gadgets thanks to its padded interiors and shock-absorbing fabrics. Durable design protects against bumps and scratches, while waterproof exteriors guard against spills and rain. You may travel or commute with peace of mind knowing that your laptop is safe and undamaged.


With their padded straps, ergonomic designs, and lightweight construction, Coteetci laptop bags put comfort first. This makes them easier to carry and less taxing on the shoulders and back. Even after prolonged usage, Coteetci bags provide consumers a supportive and comfortable experience thanks to its breathable fabrics and cushioned compartments.


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Q: Are Coteetci laptop bags durable?

A: Yes, Coteetci laptop bags are known for their durability, thanks to high-quality materials and craftsmanship.


Q: Do Coteetci laptop bags come with a warranty?

A: Most Coteetci laptop bags come with a warranty against manufacturing defects. Be sure to check the warranty terms before making a purchase.


Q: Can I fit a 15-inch laptop in a Coteetci slim laptop bag?

A: It depends on the specific model of the slim laptop bag. Be sure to check the dimensions to ensure compatibility with your laptop size.


Q: Are Coteetci laptop bags water-resistant or waterproof?

A: Coteetci offers both water-resistant and waterproof laptop bags. Check the product specifications for details on water protection levels.


Q: Do Coteetci laptop bags have padded compartments for extra protection?

A: Yes, many Coteetci laptop bags feature padded compartments to provide extra cushioning and protection for your laptop.

COTEetCI Multifunctional Leather Liner Bag The design is smooth, lightweight, and fits tightly into the device when worn.Macbook Air 13 2019-2020 / Pro 13 2019-2020 cases can effectively protect your device in 360 degrees.Made of good quality PU leather, resistant to scratches and water splashes. Reduces damage that may occur to the device from general accidents from everyday use.The back of the envelope is specially designed. Can be opened and folded into a triangular base For use as a Macbook stand by lifting the screen and keyboard to tilt and rise. to increase ease of useThe envelope is a flip cover. There is a rip-tab fastening to hold the lid and the envelope tightly closed. and closely attached to the envelopeThe outer flap can also be used as a mouse pad. This eliminates the need to carry additional mouse pads...
1,450৳ 1,650৳
Ex Tax:1,450৳
COTEetCI MB1058-BK LAPTOP BACKPACKCOTEetCI MB1058-BK LAPTOP BACKPACK A4 backpack made of textile, a practical material that retains its attractive appearance for several seasons. Textiles are used as the material for the inner part.The MB1058-BK BACKPACK is modeled in such a way that it can fit documents in A4 landscape format or a laptop of the corresponding size.The short handle provides a comfortable fit in the hand. The shoulder straps are adjustable, which allows you to adjust the length of the straps to your height.High quality tailoring, straight lines and reliability of every detail, an original roomy accessory for everyday wear or to school...
Ex Tax:2,450৳
COTEetCI 16 INCH MB1052-BK LAPTOP SLEEVEPerfect compatibility with Macbook.Rubberized feet at the base.Built in crystal fluff, shockproof, moisture-proof.Waterproof coating for more peace of mind.Stylish handle design, easy to carry.Hidden zipper provides more storage space.Material: Waterproof Oxford cloth, lined with flannel...
1,600৳ 1,850৳
Ex Tax:1,600৳
COTEetCI MB1052-BK 13 INCH LAPTOP SLEEVE BAGPerfect compatibility with Macbook.Rubberized feet at the base.Built in crystal fluff, shockproof, moisture-proof.Waterproof coating for more peace of mind.Stylish handle design, easy to carry.Hidden zipper provides more storage space.Material: Waterproof Oxford cloth, lined with flannel...
Ex Tax:1,250৳
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Best COTEetci aptop Bag & Sleeve Price List in Bangladesh 2024

COTEetci Price in Bangladesh updated on 19-05-2024 from 1,250৳ and depending on brand and specification the price may go up to 2,450৳. Your destination for budget-friendly, high-quality COTEetci in Bangladesh in 2024. Discover our selection of top-notch items at unbeatable prices, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Buy the Latest original COTEetci from IT SOURCE COTEetci shop in Bangladesh. Browse below and Order yours now!

Product NamePrice
COTEetCI Multifunctional Leather Liner Bag for MacBook Air/Pro 13 Inch1,450৳