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Dtech T0026 Type C To USB 3.0 4 Ports Hub4 PORTS to GET MORE DONE 4-in-1 Type-C Hub connects to the MacBook Pro or USB C powered Windows laptops and adds 1 x Type-C port, 3 x USB 3.0 ports. Data transmission speed up to 5Gbps, transfer 1G HD movies or files in just seconds. Support PD fast charge for laptops(22-52W).MULTIPLE PROTECTION Made of high-quality chips and material, providing over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, high-temperature quadruple protection, safer than others.CONNECT 3 DEVICE Thanks to the triple USB 3.0 ports you can connect a keyboard, mouse, thumb drive to a MacBook Pro, or a Windows Type-C laptop.DELICATE CRAFT Constructed from high-grade aluminum alloy shell and milled with exact precision; Faster heat dissipation. The surface sandblasted increases the touch feeling of delicate, also it is lightweight and portable, it only weighs 1.13 ounces and you can take it anywhere.Dtech Usb Type-c  Hub Price In BdA USB Type-C hub is a device that expands the number of USB ports available on a computer or other device with a USB Type-C port. It typically connects to the device via a Type-C USB port and provides multiple standard USB-A ports, allowing you to connect multiple USB devices, such as external hard drives, flash drives, mice, keyboards, and other peripherals. Some USB Type-C hubs also feature additional ports, such as HDMI, Ethernet, or SD card readers, providing even greater versatility and connectivity options. The use of a Type-C USB hub allows you to maximize the connectivity of your device and reduce the number of adapters and cables required for your setu..
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DTech DT-3309 Fast Charging Data Transfer 4 Ports USB 3.0 OTG HubDTech DT-3309 comes with a mini high-speed USB 4 port 3.0 Hub allows multiple USB type A 3.0 or 2.0 devices connecting to your Mac or surfaces Laptop desktop at the same time (quick charge and data transfer). Micro USB 3 female port for using with DC 5V power supply adapter/micro USB cable (not included) so that you can use external USB port 3.0 hub to get enough electricity to run high power devices and quick charge. Portable USB hub with long cable 1ft for you to drag this data hub to your tabletop easily, so you won’t have to bend down your body to plug or unplug cord. Round shape USB external port splitter is built with an LED indicator for your convenient checking on the connection status of this computer USB port hub. Small USB3.0 expansion ports adapter for use on the travel or at home, connecting high/ full/low-speed devices such as computer, mouse, keyboard, phone, dongle, hard drive, USB storage, etc.There comes a time in everyone’s life when we look over the desk for a place to plug in our phone or hard drive, only to discover that we’re out of USB external ports and need a USB splitter for a laptop. Then this USB 4 port 3.0 hub is a life-saver for you. Fast Charge 4-port USB 3.0 powered hub, comes with Micro USB Power Port for providing enough power for high power devices like external hard drives. USB 3.0 gives super speed up to 5Gpbs, and this portable USB data splitter is backwards compatible with USB 2.0/ 1.1. If you’re using it for USB 2.0, you’re paying for a benefit of future you won’t get. This round USB 3 mini-hub is small enough to go with you in your laptop bag, which is a perfect mini box for your travel. Fully Plug and Play. No setup or drivers are required (compatible with windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc).Dtech Usb Fast Charging Hub Price In BdA USB fast charging hub is a device that allows multiple USB devices to be charged simultaneously at a faster rate than standard USB charging. It is designed to support higher power output and faster charging speeds compared to a conventional USB hub. A fast charging hub may support technologies such as Quick Charge, Power Delivery (PD), or other proprietary charging protocols to deliver fast charging to compatible devices. These hubs often have multiple USB ports, with some ports providing higher power output for faster charging of devices such as smartphones and tablets, while others may have standard power output for charging devices such as headphones or fitness trackers...
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DTECH DT- 3308 Type C USB 4 PORT HUBSmall USB Device Hub Keeps Things LightDTECH DT- 3308 Type C HUB with 10 in the cable is small enough to go with you in your laptop bag, which is a perfect compact USB C 3.0 hub for your travel. Plug and Play; No drivers requiredSturdy Aluminum USB C 3.0 hub for LaptopIt has a durable silver metal case that makes it an EMI and RFI filter, and a high-quality feel and appearance that matches your MacBook.Features:High-performance, low-power chip, can rapidly expand 4 independent HUB, connect keyboard, mouse, flash drive, external hard drive, etc. for mainframe and laptopMicroUSB charging interface to provide power for high power equipment without additional DC chargeruse BC1.2 fast charge technology to support mobile phone fast charge functionequipped with LED indicator lampaluminum-magnesium alloy material is used in the shell, which is simple and durableadopt safety data circuit protection design, built-in overcurrent, overpressure, leakage protection modulewire use multi-layer weaving, pure copper shielding technology to effectively resist battery interferenceDtech Usb Type-c Hub Price In BdA USB Type-C hub is a device that expands the functionality of a USB Type-C port by providing additional ports for connecting various devices, such as USB devices, Ethernet, HDMI, SD card readers, and other peripherals. The hub allows a single Type-C port to be used for multiple devices, making it more convenient for users to access a wider range of devices without the need for multiple ports. Some Type-C hubs also support power delivery, enabling them to charge connected devices or even a laptop through the same port...
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