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UGREEN WIRELESS BLUTOOTH KEYBOARD (15258)The UGREEN Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (15258) is a versatile and high-quality keyboard designed to enhance your typing experience across a wide range of devices. With its wireless connectivity, ergonomic design, and reliable performance, this keyboard offers convenience and efficiency for both work and leisure activities.The UGREEN Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard features Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect it wirelessly to various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs. It provides a seamless and clutter-free typing experience, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables and offering enhanced flexibility in positioning and usage.With its compact and lightweight design, this keyboard is highly portable, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go use. It easily fits into your bag or backpack, enabling you to carry it with you wherever you go. Whether you're traveling, working in a café, or attending meetings, the UGREEN Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard ensures that you can type comfortably and efficiently on your preferred device.The keyboard is ergonomically designed with a comfortable and responsive key layout. The scissor-switch keys offer a satisfying tactile feedback, allowing for smooth and precise typing. The low-profile design not only enhances typing speed but also reduces strain on your wrists, making it suitable for long typing sessions.The UGREEN Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is compatible with multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. This wide compatibility ensures that you can use the keyboard seamlessly across different devices without any hassle. The keyboard also supports multimedia shortcuts, enabling you to conveniently control media playback and volume adjustment with dedicated function keys.UGREEN WIRELESS BLUTOOTH KEYBOARDThe UGREEN Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard is a versatile and compact keyboard designed for a wide range of devices. This keyboard offers seamless connectivity with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs, thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility. It features a full-sized layout with responsive, quiet keys that provide a comfortable typing experience. The keyboard is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that offers extended usage time and can be easily charged via USB. Its slim and lightweight design makes it highly portable, perfect for on-the-go productivity. Whether you're working, browsing, or typing on multiple devices, this keyboard offers convenience and efficiency.Features6° Tilt Stand HolderSame Typing Feeling as MacbookWireless Connectivity: BluetoothWide Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, and macOSResponsive and Quiet Typing: scissor-switch keysAdjustable Stand: comfortable viewing angleEasy to carry and store: Ultra slim and lightweight, easy to carry anywhere.Pleasant experience: Super soft for a comfortable experience, let you enjoy your wonderful mac or mac keyboard.Ugreen wireless bluetooth keyboard 15258 review:The UGREEN Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard (15258) is an exceptional blend of functionality and convenience. With a 400mhz battery and USB Type-C charging, it ensures extended usage and swift recharging. Its dual connectivity options Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G guarantee a stable link to devices, eliminating clutter with its wireless design. A standout feature is its ability to seamlessly connect to four devices, making multitasking a breeze. The 6° tilt stand holder enhances ergonomic typing, mimicking the comfort of a MacBook. The keyboard's tactile response replicates the satisfying typing experience of a Mac. The adjustable stand offers personalized comfort with a customizable viewing angle. Its wide compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices highlights its versatility, catering to diverse tech ecosystems. In summary, UGREEN's 15258 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard excels in merging practicality and style. Efficient multitasking, ergonomic design, and compatibility with major platforms make it an excellent choice for users seeking a premium typing experience...
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Xiaomi YMI 104 Keys Cherry Shaft Mechanical Gaming KeyboardUSB cable connection plug and play, no need to install the driver software, through the compound key can achieve 12 kinds of multimedia fast functionsThe surface area of the key cap is processed into a fine matte grain, with a delicate and warm touch. The exquisite laser engraving characters are clear and wear resistant, original and without coating, and can maintain a clear identification for a long time104 mechanical shaft key cap, surface consistent with finger movement, improve the comfort of long time useBuilt-in reinforced steel plate structure, bearing the impact of frontal percussion, greatly improve the feel of the keys and the durability of the keyboard, easy to deal with a large number of input work, feel solid typing experience..
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Xiaomi WXJS01YM Wireless Keyboard and MouseThe kit uses a 2.4GHz wireless design with stable signal transmission, a fully functional keyboard with 104 buttons, a mouse for an accurate 1000DPI sensor. Xiaomi WXJS01YM model comes with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. The set of WXJS01YM Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set below will be a reasonable choice in the price range that you cannot ignore. Designed to include a set of keyboard and computer mouse that fully meets the tasks used for office workers or ordinary needs. It is built-in ABS, Metal material with Wireless 2.4ghz Connection and USB 2.0 Interface.The keyboard also has GB / T 14081-2010 implementation standard. The synthetic key Fn and combination keys Fn + F1 ~ F12 fully supported with common shortcut functions such as volume, media, mute, turn off the music, etc. Easy to use common functions and operations quickly. Above the right corner are 4 lights that show the working status of the keyboard such as power status, battery indicator, etc.The mouse built-in USB receiver, plug, and play, no driver required, low battery reminder. This mouse featured with 1000DPI precision sensor stable output and GB / T 26245-2010; GB 4943.1-2011 execution standard. Automatic technology will help the keyboard set automatically switch to smart sleep mode when not been used for a while...
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Xiaomi MIIIW MWWC01 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse ComboKeyboard: Simple and elegant look. The main body is made of ABS material, anti-corrosion round buttons. The wireless receiver is stored in the battery compartment of the keyboard. It can be used by taking out the USB interface of the computer. One USB interface can support the mouse and keyboard. The keyboard can provide 4° and 8° angles to use. The special customized large-sized keycaps expand the contact area between the fingers and key to provide a comfortable experience. It retains the keypad area, fully meeting a large number of digital input requirements in the office environment. The full keyboard supports IPX4 water-resistance rate, which effectively prevents the spilled keyboard from being damaged. But take extra good care not to spill a huge amount of liquids. Windows and MAC One-button switch.Mouse: The mouse adopts a symmetrical design and the 1000DPI optical sensor. Soft-touch and the feedback is comfortable. The etched anti-slip and waisted design on the side provides a more stable grip and avoids unstable grip caused by sweat...
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Xiaomi MIIIW MWXKT01 Wireless Dual Mode KeyboardXiaomi MIIIW MWXKT01 keyboard on the desk, forming an 8 ° angle with the desktop, which effectively reduces finger fatigue​ for much comfort. Two modes of USB 2.4GHz and Bluetooth, free choice, not restricted for 2.4GHz wireless connection and Bluetooth wireless dual-mode technology, just lightly press the USB adaptation button or Bluetooth icon button, then quickly switch between different connected Perfectly support Windows / Mac / Android / iOS (iPhone and iPad) multiple operating systems, and mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc, and special quick switch buttons designed for Windows and macOS systems​.FeaturesRadium carving characters, clear and wearableScissor foot architecture design, enjoy a comfortable typing experienceThe circular key with character design for radium carving, flexible and simple.Metal texture, fashionable and elegant appearance.Fingertip striking the keyboard, uniform bearing stress to bring you a better spring back experience...
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Xiaomi MIIIW Bluetooth Dual Mode Keyboard Xiaomi MIIIW Bluetooth Dual Mode Keyboard is a full-size keyboard with 104 keys. It can easily achieve the connection switch between Bluetooth and USB and is compatible with multiple devices. The keyboard comes with circular keys which is made from white ABS plastic.2.4GHz wireless / Bluetooth control, convenient and simple connectionThe circular key with character design for radium carving, flexible and simple104 keys design to improve your efficiency of inputMetal texture, fashionable and elegant appearanceFingertip striking the keyboard, uniform bearing stress to bring you better spring back experienceErgonomic gold 6-degree angle to relieve finger fatigueSuitable for Windows / Mac / Android / iOS, etc. Material: ABS + aluminium alloy + soft plastic stentConnection type: 2.4GHz wireless / BluetoothWireless range: 10m and lessBattery type: 2 x AAA battery (Not included)Bluetooth version: 4.0..
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WIWU FOLD MINI KEYBOARD FOLDABLE WIRELESS RECHARGEABLE KEYBOARDWiWU Fold Mini Keyboard Without any operation of more than 10minutes, the keyboard will access sleeping mode automatically, and the power indicator light (Blue LED) will turn off. Press any key in 3-second, the keyboard will wake up, and the blue Led light will be lighted.Battery ChargingWhen the device lacks power, a Red Led light will be lighted. The device needs battery charging. First, Connect one side of MICRO USB to keyboard, the other side to the adaptor or computer. Second, the Red LED light will be lighted in the charging process, and the Red LED light turns off after battery full charging.FEATURE Stay away from sharp objectsDo not put heavy objects on the keyboardDo not heat it in the microwaveDo not press hard or twist the keyboardStay away from oil, chemicals, or other dangerous liquidsClean the keyboard case with water, alcohol, or medical alcohol...
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WiWU×Paul Frank 3 in 1 keyboardFeatures:Paul frank × WiWU 3 in 1 keyboard &mouse combo setUSB connectorSupport win7/8/10 macOS, a window XP systemOne package contains one mouse, one keyboard,mouse padThree gears DPIEconomic designIntelligent power savingComfortable keys..
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Logitech MK275 Wireless Combo KeyboardReliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection: A tiny Logitech nano-receiver connects both the keyboard and mouse using just one USB portLong battery life: Get up to 24 months of keyboard power and 12 months of mouse power without changing batteriesEight hot keys: Instantly access your movies, music, the Internet, e-mail, volume, play/pause, and moreAll-in-one setup: Includes a full-size keyboard with quiet, low-profile keys plus a portable contoured mouse for comfortable controlPlug and play simplicity for Windows PCs: Works right out of the box with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and 8. No software installation required..
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Logitech MK240 Wireless Combo KeyboardThe cleanly colorful, thoughtfully designed wireless combo.A splash of color in a streamlined shape.Comfy keyboard, comfy mouse.Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless.Smooth moves, built to last...
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Logitech MK220 Wireless Combo KeyboardLogitech MK220 Wireless Combo Keyboard with this versatile combo. The compact keyboard is equipped with a number pad ideal for data entry, calculations, and navigation, so you can get more work done in less space. The ambidextrous mouse delivers smooth tracking and scrolling, for easy navigation -at home or at work.SPACE-SAVING KEYBOARDWith a compact design, this keyboard features all the keys you need, including a number pad while being smaller than a full-size keyboard. Perfect for tight workspaces, or smaller frames, so you can place your mouse closer for less reaching and better body posture. Plus, it’s easy to move anywhere your work takes you.PORTABLE, AMBIDEXTROUS MOUSEThis compact, portable mouse delivers smooth, accurate tracking, and line-by-line scrolling. The comfortable shape works for both left- and right-handed users, making it easy to use and take with you anywhere.PLUG & PLAY SIMPLICITYNo setup or hassle. MK220 works as soon as you plug the receiver into a USB port. A strong, reliable wireless connection means you can forget about dropouts, with a 10 m range1Wireless range may vary due to environmental and computing conditions. that gives you the wireless freedom you need.QUALITY YOU CAN RELY ONThis combo is built with the same high-quality standards that have made Logitech the global leader for mice and keyboards2Based on independent sales data (in units) aggregated for Logitech mice and keyboards from major global markets including Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, US (July ’19 – July ’20 period). The retail channel only. The keyboard is ready to withstand on-the-job use and mishaps thanks to the spill-resistant design.3Tested under limited conditions (Maximum of 60 ml liquid spillage). do not immerse the keyboard in liquid.Features:Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless10 meters (33 feet) wireless coverage24-month keyboard battery lifeOne Nano ReceiverEight hotkeys128-bit AES encryption..
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Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard
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Logitech K400 Plus Wireless KeyboardWireless TV keyboard with touchpad: Enjoy effortless control of your TV connected computerCompact and slim: Perfect for the living roomComfortable, quiet keys and large (3 inch) touchpad: The ideal HTPC keyboard. Overall dimensions Height 5.5 inch, width 14 inch, depth 1 inchTouchpad height 3 inch, width 2 inch10 meter (33 foot) wireless range: Ensures trouble free connection in the largest room (Wireless range may vary depending on operatingenvironment and computer setup). Key Life: Up to 5 million keystrokesFamiliar, media friendly key layout: Eliminates any learning curve while adding easy access volume controls and arrow keysPlug and play design: Unifying receiver makes setup of your TV keyboard a snapConnection type: Logitech unifying protocol 2.4 GigaHertz18 months battery life: Goes for well over a year without changing batteriesWide compatibility: Works with Windows 7, 8, 10 or later Android 5.0 or later Chrome OS..
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Logitech K380 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard
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Logitech K380 Bluetooth Multi-Device KeyboardConnect up to 3 devices simultaneously and switch between them at the touch of button. Wireless range 10 meterUse as a regular keyboard or combine with a compatible Logitech flow mouse (sold separately) to type, copy, paste and move files seamlessly between computersEasy to carry around your home for familiar typing in any room and Logitech options for Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later), Logitech options for Mac (OS X 10.8 or later)OS adaptive: Automatically recognizes each device and maps keys to give you a familiar layout, including2 year battery life: Virtually eliminates the need to change batteries (Keyboard battery life calculation based on an estimated 2 million keystrokes/year in an office environment. User experience may vary.)Battery life (not rechargeable) – 24 months. Connection type: Bluetooth classic (3.0)Universal keyboard for typing on all your computing devices: Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV 2nd or 3rd generation..
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Logitech K120 Usb Keyboard With Bangla BlackCOMFORTABLE AND FULL-SIZEThis full-size keyboard with an integrated number pad makes data entry, calculations, and navigation a breeze. The curved space bar along with easy-to-read keys provides a comfortable and familiar typing experience.EASY PLUG & PLAYThe keyboard works right out of the box. Just plug into the USB port, and it’s ready to go. No downloads, no setup, no fuss.DURABLE AND SPILL-RESISTANTSpill-resistant design1Tested under limited conditions (maximum of 60 ml liquid spillage)...
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COTEetCI Wireless Mouse & Keyboard 2020 Latest Upgrade LED Design: COTEetCI Wireless Mouse upgraded version mouse with the LED lights adds more fun to the boring office life. The bottom of the mouse has a switch, you can switch lights freely. Low-key or sparkle, switch in one second, suitable for any occasion.Rechargeable Optical Mouse: Built-in durable rechargeable battery, Wireless Mouse can be easily charged using the included USB cable without replacing the battery. Just 2 hours charging you can use it for about 7-15 days. Standby time is very long, energy-saving features, automatic sleep mode, and wake-up mode are installed to save energy. Turn off the mouse LED light when not in use to save power.Plug and Play: COTEetCI Wireless Mouse No need to install any driver, just plug the USB receiver into your laptop and the mouse starts to serve. 2.4GHz wireless technology provides a powerful and reliable connection, effective up to 10 meters of range. Advanced optical tracking technology with fast click and responsiveness. 3-Level Adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600 DPI), freely to satisfy daily work. Equipped with USB-C to USB adapter, let you worry-free use any device.Mute Click & Comfortable Hand-feeling: COTEetCI Wireless Mouse Silent click Mouse with a classic design with an anti-fingerprint finish offers your hand maximum support and comfort. Silent button reduces 90% of noises, which makes it an ideal wireless mouse for office, conference room, cafe, library, bedroom, help you concentrate on your work, study without disturbing others besides you. Ultra-thin, ergonomic design, lightweight and convenient for carrying or traveling.Wide Compatibility: Well compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 / Windows Vista / Windows Vista/ Windows ME, etc, Fits for desktop, laptop, PC, Macbook and other devices. Please Note: If your laptop is just with a type-c port, You need to connect the supplied USB-C to a USB adapter to your laptop and plug the USB receiver into it.FEATURE Sleep mode choose, save electricityQuiet Operation, extra comfortableWheel design, easy to controlBluetooth/2.4G Dual ModeLong use time, up to about 30 days..
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COTEetCI Smart Keyboard with TrackpadGenuine cosmetic COTEetCI  keyboard with TrackPad Compatible with tablets, Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Samsung Tab, Surface, Smart TV, and any product with Bluetooth connectionSmart KeyBoard is currently very popular for use with technology products including phones. Compact size for easy storageWith the genuine cosmetic Keyboard with TrackPad, composing Mail on IPad will no longer be difficult, Students learn online more effectively. WatchYouTube on TV without having to press the remote, too many uses for 1 keyboardSmart Keyboard Genuine Made from PC plastic with a button frame made from silicone with a good bounce, real click feeling. In particular, the product using Bluetooth technology V5 does not have a delay-like feeling. Non-branded products..
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Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
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Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric KeypadApple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad features an extended layout, with document navigation controls for quick scrolling. A scissor mechanism beneath each key allows for increased stability, while optimized key travel and a low profile provide a comfortable and precise typing experience. The numeric keypad is also great for spreadsheets and finance applications. And the built-in, rechargeable battery is incredibly long-lasting, powering your keyboard for about a month or more between charges...
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A4TECH KRS-85 Laser Engraving USB Keyboard With BanglaA4Tech KRS-85 Laser Engraving USB Keyboard comes with Bangla front. This Keyboard features Patented Natural A Shape Key Structure Laser Inscribed Keys, Adjustable Keyboard Height, and Comfort Roundedge Keycaps. This Keyboard Ease keystroke on your fingertips. Providing hours of typing comfort and Adjustable tilt enable a truly personalized experience. This Keyboard is also designed with 12 Fn Hotkeys, A-Shape, Round Edge Keycaps, Laser Engraving, Adjustable Keyboard Legs, 5 V / 30 mA Rating, 150 cm Cable Length with USB Hardware Connectivity. It is also compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 System Requirements. The A4Tech KRS-85 Laser Engraving keyboard has a 01-year warranty...
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A4TECH KRS-83 Wired Multimedia Keyboard OverviewA4TECH KRS-83 Wired Multimedia Keyboard comes with Comfort Roundedge Keycaps, Laser Inscribed Keys, Adjustable Height, Natural A Layout, Adjustable tilt enable a truly personalized experience, 12 FN Hotkeys, FN Multimedia Keyboard. This Keyboard is featured with A-Shape, Round Edge, Character: Laser Engraving, Splash Proof: Yes, Adjustable Keyboard Legs: Yes, Rating: 5 V / 30 mA with 1.5-meter cable. It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Vista, XP operating systems. The A4TECH KRS-83 keyboard has a 01-year warranty...
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A4TECH Bloody Q135 Illuminate Red Backlit Gaming KeyboardA4TECH Bloody Q135 Illuminate Gaming Keyboard featured with Adjustable Backlights, 1000 Hz Report Rate, Game Mode, Multimedia Hot-Keys, Anti-Slippery Keyboard Lift, Screw Enhanced Space-Bar. This Keyboard has FN + F12 ( Solid / Breathing / Off ) Brightness: FN + ↑ / ↓ In this Keyboard, Its 1000 Hz full report rate provides faster and timely feedback. This keyboard has a Game mood option, Press Fn+F8 will disable “Window” keys to avoid interruption during the game session, and also its anti-slippery silicon lift prevents the keyboard from moving or vibrating during the game session. It also has Screw Enhanced Space-Bar with Dual screws + dual springs + balancing bar equals stronger durability. This Exclusive Bloody keyboards feature a unique design, high-quality precision, and state-of-the-art technologies. Focusing on details, convenience, and ergonomics makes it at the top. As the centerpiece to your gaming setup, the Bloody keyboard is designed to deliver total satisfying control right to your fingertips. This Gaming keyboard comes with 01 years of warranty...
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