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UGREEN HDMI AND VGA WIRELESS EXTENDER 50M CM506(50633)The UGREEN CM506 HDMI and VGA wireless extender is a device that allows you to extend the display of your HDMI or VGA source device (such as a computer or media player) to a remote display (such as a monitor or TV) wirelessly up to 50 meters (164 feet) away. This can be useful for situations where running a long HDMI or VGA cable is not practical or possible, such as in a large room or between rooms in a building. The extender supports resolutions up to 1080p, and includes a transmitter and receiver unit. It also supports IR control extension, allowing to control the source device remotely...
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UGREEN 50739 HDMI SINGLE EXTENDER 50M BY CAT5E50m HDMI Amplifier via Ugreen 50739 network cable is a solution for connecting images and audio for devices at long distances via Cat5e / 6 network cable, supporting resolutions up to FullHD 1080P @ 60Hz, suitable for construction, stage, school, commercial center …HDMI 50M extender via Ugreen 50739 network cable includes a transmitter (Sender) and a receiver (Receiver), with HDMI Input / Output signal supporting FullHD 1080P @ 60Hz paired together by long CAT6 network cable up to 50m. The solution to replace HDMI cable with this network cable makes it possible for you to have peace of mind when going to underground wiring systems, long-distance wiring, and reducing construction and maintenance costsThe HDMI to Ugreen network adapter supports EDID resolution automatic technology, which means that when you connect to any device, Ugreen 50739 automatically selects the best resolution. , you just plug and play, no need to install..
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UGREEN HDMI KVM EXTENDER 150M CM291 (70438)UGREEN HDMI KVM EXTENDER 150M CM291 (70438) Extends FULL HD 1920/1200P@60Hz stereo audio a little delay but do not affect to watch, you can enjoy HD video from a long distance2.No need to install, plug and play can transmit 20KM long-distance through optical fiber cable (SC head)3. The audio and video are synchronously connected to the transmitting end, and Ugreen 70438 1200P HDMI audio and video can be transmitted through the optical fiber line, and the audio and video are transmitted without delay4. good for heat dissipation, keep unit running cool, the bottom pad design prevents the body from contacting the placement surface and effectively improves the heat dissipation effect. The interface adopts gold-plated nickel-plated technology, anti-oxidation, resistance to unplugging, effectively reducing signal loss, and maintaining picture clarity.FEATURECategory: This HDMI Extender only has a receiver that needs to be purchased with code 60323 to be used as a transmitterFeatures: Convert HDMI and USB signals to 150m. long network cableMaximum resolution: 1920/1200P@60HzSupport network cable length: 150M cat5e and Cat6 (please choose pure copper standard network cable)Supports HDMI Input and Output cables up to 20M (26AWG pure copper cable)Support HDCP 1.4 and 3D projection.Support read and write EDID technology, automatically optimizing the resolution.Support mouse and keyboard controlEquipped with IR eyes that support using RemotePower supply: 5V/1A (option)Dimensions: L88xW65xH24 (mm), 25 x 10 x 5 cm...
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