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Baseus Matrix HDMI Splitter 4K Switch Adapter
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BASEUS MATRIX HDMI 4K HD SPLITTER OVERVIEWThe description of Baseus Matrix HDMI Splitter compatible adapter: You only need to push the connector into your switch box. This product is a adapter for the switch, and it can be used as an adapters. The product is a brand new mini adapter for switch. This switch adapter can be used for charging of mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops, desktop boxes and other devices. The product can be used to connect the tv with ac power adapter, and can be connected with a single crystal display. With high quality audio, the product looks like a real one. The switch HDMI compatible video display port output and audio signal input.The brand of switch HDMI-compatible adapter is baseus. The connector b is hdmi. Switch HDMI-compatible adapter is suitable for male-male. The certification is fcc. The model number is hdmi switch. What’s more, switch HDMI-compatible  adapter is from cn(origin). In the meantime, our product belongs to HDMI cables-compatible. The version is HDMI-compatible 2.0a. The connector a is HDMI. The bundle is bundle 1. The packing is slide card blister. The shielding is non-shielded. The feature is hdmi2.0-compatible. The application is tv box. The name is Baseus matrix 4k HD-Splitter (2in1 or 1in2). Material used for our product is aluminum alloy + abs. Space gray is a perfect color for our product. The resolution is 4k@30hz(depending on device and cable length).FEATURESResolution– 4K 13 30Hz (depending on device and cable length)Two-way Switch Say goodbye to repeated plug-ins – just click the switch to toggle between 2 in/1 out or 1 in/2 out dual modes4KHDSupport 4K(330Hz resolution, clean video playbackSynchronous Audio and Video TransmissionSupports audio formatting, enjoy fantastic audio effectMetallic Matte TextureAluminum alloy matte shell for a great look and feel – elegant and practicalPlug and play – quick and easy setupKEY FEATURES4K HD Large screen viewingNo external power requiredFits in the palm of your handUniversal to devices with HDMI portTwo-way switchSynchronous audio and video transmissionBeautiful digital light display..
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