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UGREEN HDMI 4K VIDEO CAPTURE CARD CM629(15389)The UGREEN HDMI 4K Video Capture Card CM629(15389) is a high-performance device designed to capture and record stunning 4K video content from various HDMI sources. Whether you're a content creator, gamer, or professional in need of reliable video capture capabilities, this product offers an exceptional solution with its advanced features and user-friendly design.With support for 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, the UGREEN CM629 enables you to capture and record ultra-high-definition video with remarkable clarity and detail. It's perfect for capturing gameplay footage, creating YouTube videos, streaming live content, conducting online meetings, and much more. The card ensures that every frame is faithfully captured, preserving the richness of colors and the smoothness of motion.Setting up the UGREEN CM629 is hassle-free thanks to its plug-and-play functionality. Simply connect your HDMI source, such as a gaming console, camera, or computer, to the capture card and then connect the card to your computer via USB 3.0. The device is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, providing broad compatibility for a wide range of users.The UGREEN CM629 also features convenient HDMI loop-through, allowing you to simultaneously view the video content on a display while recording or streaming it. This ensures a seamless experience for live commentary, real-time monitoring, or sharing content with an audience while recording.In addition to its exceptional video capture capabilities, the UGREEN CM629 offers audio recording as well. It can capture audio from HDMI sources, allowing you to include game sound effects, voiceovers, or music in your recordings. The card also supports microphone input, enabling you to add commentary or narration directly during the capture process.The compact and durable design of the UGREEN CM629 makes it highly portable and suitable for both desktop and laptop use. Its aluminum alloy casing provides excellent heat dissipation, ensuring stable performance even during prolonged recording sessions...
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UGREEN 40189 USB/USB-C TO 4k HDMI VIDEO CAPTURE CARDDual interface designUSB-A & USB-C dual interface design. Compatible with most current laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devicesPlug & PlayDriver-free and no external power supply, compact and portable1080P/30Hz Video RecordingUp to 4K/60Hz High Definition Input, output max resolution 1080P@30Hz. The audio-video capture card is very suitable for live streaming , Recording, editing and transferring video in high resolution of 1080p/30fps on OBS, XSplit, Potplayer, QuickTime Player and more.Widely UseInput Devices: (HDMI Port) Phone, Computer, Camera, Web Camera, Video Recorder…Output Devices: (USB/Type-C dual ports) All-in-One PC, Computer, Tablet, Phone..
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HDMI Video Capture CardVideo output resolution: Max output can be 1920×1080@30HzVideo output format: YUV/JPEGSupport video format: 8/10/12bit Deep colorSupport audio format: L-PCMSupport AWG26 HDMI standard cable: input up to 15 metersSupport most acquisition software, such as VLC / OBS / Amcap, etcSupport Windows / Android / macOSConform to USB Video and UVC standardConform to USB Audio UAC standardMax working current: 0.4A/5V DCDimension (L x W x H): 58x23x10 (mm)Without an external power supply, compact and portable..
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EasyCAP USB 2.0 Video and Audio Capture CardEasyCAP Capture USB 2.0 Audio Video Capture Adapter TV VHS DVDThe Easycap USB2.0 Video Adapter with Audio, it can capture high-quality video and audio file direct by USB2.0 interface without sound card. However, the installation is very simple and the external power is unnecessary. Solution for laptop, Included is the professional video editing software Ulead Video Studio SE DVD then provide best editing function for you. Video Studio Movie Wizard helps novice users finish stylish movies in only three steps. Share finished projects on DVD, tape, the Web, and mobile devices, High-speed rendering, and real-time performance mean less time waiting and more time creating. By the way, you can create many special effects and clip video files, etc. Package included: 1 X EasyCAP USB 2.0 Video Adapter with Audio, 1 X USB cable, 1 X CD, 1 X User Manual (Quick Installation Guide)Place your order now for high quality on and enjoy your video and audio clip today...
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