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Nylon Braided Surface Connect To USB-C Charging Cable 2mAllows you charge your Surface devices via 45W 15V3A USB-C Power Delivery (PD) wall charger or power bank, you only need to bring a USBC charger to charge many devices including for Surface on the go. It is very lightweight and portable. It can also be used as a spare charger.Requirement: This cable requires a USB-C charger or charging bank that supports 45W 15V3A output. Female USBC charging cable also need the USBC cable can carry 3A current. Doublecheck your USBC charger to ensure that it lists “15V/3A” in the specifications. Some Apple PD chargers didn’t support the cable. It’s recommended that use the cable together with our GaN 3-Port USBC charger, avoid incompatibility problems. Please find the link in the page details.Extreme Durability:Durable Nylon Braided cable protects wire cores to longevity. Aluminum adopted at both end,maked the cable sturdy and durable. Charging only: It should be noted that this product can only be used for charging surface devices, data and HDMI cannot be transmitted. Each unit is inspected and tested prior to shipment...
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